Virtue Hair Products Praised For Effectiveness, Criticized For Strong Smell

May 23, 2024

While highly effective at doing what they’re supposed to be doing – improving hair health, volume, and shine – some Virtue hair products are criticized for being a bit too pungent, according to a new Consumer Review Hub report.

Virtue hair products are great at doing what they're supposed to be doing - but sensitive noses should beware, says Consumer Review Hub in their latest report.

The new in-depth review of the most popular Virtue products - including the Density Booster, Healing Oil, and Recovery Set - concludes with a generally positive verdict, but does include some important caveats, with complaints of a slightly-too-strong smell being common.

Virtue Hair Products - Overview

Part of the website’s series of expert consumer reviews, “Virtue Hair Product Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Top Picks for 2024” begins with an overview of the Virtue lineup.

The author notes that Virtue products are notable for their use of Alpha Keratin 60ku - an identical protein to the keratin naturally found in human hair, and one that can potentially repair damaged hair structure and promote better overall hair health, according to Virtue.

Virtue Density Booster

The review includes a detailed look at the Virtue Density Booster - a product designed to repair damaged hair, improve volume, and combat hair thinning.

Consumer Review Hub praises the product for its immediate effect on hair volume and overall responsible formula (no sulfates, phthalates, or parabens), but warns that the product may cause skin irritation and hair color alteration.

And, of course, there's the scent.

Described as potentially "too strong for sensitive noses," the scent isn't exactly unpleasant. In fact, many of the Consumer Review Hub team actually enjoyed it - but some described it as "overpowering," which appears to be a not-uncommon reaction to Virtue hair products.

Virtue Healing Oil

The healing oil is another product that received a generally positive verdict for its lightweight formula and frizz-taming effect - and was similarly noted for the mixed effects of its scent.

While once again some reviewers praised it for its "delightful fragrance," the sheer intensity of it may be unpleasant for sensitive noses - and Consumer Review Hub noted it as a downside for this product, too.

Virtue Hair Products - Overall Verdict

Consumer Review Hub concludes its report with an overview of the overall efficiency of the Virtue products included in the review: “Each product selected has shown exceptional performance in enhancing hair health and styling needs. Our selection criteria include effectiveness, ingredient quality, and user feedback to ensure that we present our readers with nothing but the best options available from Virtue’s lineup.”

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