Video Integration Crucial For Branded Content Strategy, Say Wyoming Specialists

Apr 13, 2024

Recent studies show that video content is crucial for modern marketing and advertising – and small businesses now have easier access to it, says ZefirAds.

While a major part of marketing and ad budgets still goes to paid ads, organic video content should be at the top of most businesses' list of priorities, says ZefirAds, a Sheridan, Wyoming-based digital marketing agency.

ZefirAds - who specializes in multimedia content campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses - cites recent figures showing that two thirds of online marketers now consider video to be the most valuable type of content.

The Shift From Text To Video

Published in a recent market report by IgniteVisibility, the findings suggest that the industry continues to move away from text-dominated content (such as ads and e-mails) and investing more heavily in multimedia content.

And while professional video campaigns are growing in popularity among smaller businesses, most local service providers are still ignoring it, says Zefir - and the agency hopes to change that.

Multimedia Content Campaigns For Small Businesses

With a multimedia network encompassing news, audio, and video content, the agency is now better equipped to provide content marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Cheyenne and throughout Wyoming.

“We aim to promote the services of small businesses by highlighting how they have responded to the current crisis, their service quality, and the effectiveness of our hyper-local ad placements in major publications,” said a company representative. “Our team of writers, developers, and advertising professionals has a proven track record of helping businesses across various industries gain more clients.”

Content Amplification

Using its “first-ever content amplification engine,” the company helps its clients share their message with the public using multimedia content published on hundreds of high-authority platforms.

An important part of each campaign is a branded news article that can be used to announce anything from new products and services to staff expansions, charitable campaigns, and any other brand-related updates. Campaigns can be used to position the brand in a particular light or to answer specific audience questions - with the company’s “hyper-local” approach functioning as a powerful lever to get big-brand search visibility with a fraction of traditional big-brand budget.

Video, Podcasts & More - Success Stories

Professional videos are another key component, complementing the news article and adding further reach for a content marketing and advertising solution that’s versatile and highly effective.

Combined with podcasts, infographics, and slideshows, the content solution has yielded impressive results for businesses across sectors, as demonstrated by the numerous success stories.

Using the company’s content strategy, a San Diego beauty salon saw organic traffic increase by a third - and a small winery saw a ten-fold increase in organic blog traffic, which then resulted in substantially more sales, a wider customer base, and higher overall revenue.

The agency recommends that businesses interested in effective marketing look into creative ways to incorporate multimedia content - with a particular focus on quality, engaging, and audience-focused video.

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