Values-Based Leadership: Interview With Medal Of Honor Recipient David Bellavia

Jun 12, 2024

There’s a lot to learn from our heroes – none more so than David Bellavia – Iraq war veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor. Hear his inspiring story and get insights into values-based leadership with the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership!

Interested in hearing the inspiring story of America's only living recipient of the Medal of Honor for the Iraq war?

Read the latest profile piece and interview from the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership. Staff Sergeant David Bellavia shares his experiences and unique take on values-based leadership. More details at

Staff Sergeant David Bellavia received the Medal of Honor in 2019 for his achievements and exceptional bravery in the Iraq war.

Bravery In Battle

Under heavy enemy fire, Bellavia stormed a house in Fallujah to save his platoon during one of the conflict's most bloody battles. While his achievements have now been recognized, the article highlights how difficult returning home and readjusting to civilian life was for David. His lack of direction or purpose led to isolation and family issues – an experience echoed by thousands of servicemen and women. Have you endured the same after years of service?

Remember The Ramrods

The piece explains how he collected his stories from the Iraq conflict and published 'Remember the Ramrods' – a memoir of his time with his unit -the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. David is due to appear at an event sponsored by the National Medal of Honor Center for Leadership. 'Unleash the Leader Within: The Power of Values-Based Leadership' will take place in Washington in June. Come along and be inspired!

Speaking about his book, David says, “This book was needed because I wanted it to be known that we didn’t miss combat but we missed each other. We grew so much together and were out of each other’s lives. The Medal of Honor award brought us back together.”

Leadership & Character

In light of his experiences, David shares insights into the role of character and values in leadership approaches and team philosophy. “When you boil competency down, the building blocks start with character,” he explains. “You can have a brilliant skill set but no one will want to approach you if you're not part of the team. Teams are built by men and women leaders who always put the good of everyone above themselves. This is intrinsic in not only building teams, but also in having success.”

The article has links if you're interested in purchasing David's book. You can also enroll in the center's Values-Based Leadership Education Program.

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