Vagus Nerve Stimulator Benefits & Side Effects Comparison: Pulsetto vs Amofit

Jul 5, 2024

Want to try a more effective way to help calm your nerves, de-stress, and leave your anxiety behind? Try vagus nerve stimulation with Pulsetto. We’ll discover which wellness device is right for you!

Anyone who even has a passing interest in biohacking or holistic approaches to health can tell you that the key to finding your zen (and thus boosting your overall physical and mental health) is vagus nerve stimulation. The body’s bio-info-highway controls your fight or flight response, and there are loads of devices out there claiming that they are the only one to help, quite literally, calm your nerves. But which vagus nerve stimulator is the right one for you?

Compare the HRV benefits, side effects, price and customer reviews of the market leader, Pulsetto, with the rest at   

To achieve the best results, say scientists, the vagus nerve stimulation device you use must be designed functionally and be comfortable to wear. So let’s take a look at some of the main contenders on the market…

Pulsetto vs Amofit    

Both of these electrical pulse-emitting devices claim to be the best at relieving stress and improving your mental and physical health, but which one should you try? 

Compare And Contrast, Fast!  

Price: Pulsetto - $269; Amofit S - $248

Battery Life: Pulsetto - Up to 1 week; Amofit S - 8-9 hours

App Integration: Pulsetto has an app; Amofit S does not

Certification: Pulsetto - FCC and CE; Amofit S - FCC only

Warranty: Pulsetto - 2 years; Amofit S - 30-day money-back guarantee

It’s clear to see that Pulsetto comes out on top every time. It is, quite simply, a better design. Worn around your neck, it keeps your hands free and your body comfortable, allowing you to move around as needed.  

Pulsetto’s intuitive user controls, which are fully integrated with the app, are easy to use and won’t result in you accidentally ending your session early with a finger slip or overly sensitive off button (we’re looking at you Amofit). 

Yes, it is marginally more expensive, but you get so much more for your money… 

Enhance Your Experience With The Pulsetto App    

What really sets Pulsetto above the buzz (pun intended!) of the vagus nerve stimulation device crowd is the Pulsetto App

Want to customize the pace and strength of your electrical pulses? Try the app!

Want to select from an extensive playlist of soothing music? Try the app!

Want to follow a guided meditation to slow your breathing and calm your mind? Try the app!

Calming the mind and body through moderated breathing and meditation has been shown to directly alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. When used in combination with a vagus nerve stimulation device, these techniques can help enhance the effects of the electrical pulses, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system for better overall health. Which is why Pulsetto took their app to the next level!

They’ve recently updated all the app content and now you can select from a range of guided meditations which help slow your breathing, inducing a feeling of calm and stress-free focus on the mind and body. Repeated sessions could even help improve biomarkers for your overall health, such as oxygen saturation and HRV (heart rate variability). Now that’s worth a few extra bucks in my opinion! 

Try Pulsetto Today  

Always remember to consult a medical professional before beginning any new treatments! Try Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulation device for yourself at   

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