Utility Bill Auditing Program Helps Car Dealerships Reduce Overhead Costs

Mar 29, 2024

Recession Resister will get your car dealership on the fast lane to financial success with their innovative utility bill auditing program. Reduce your bills and your stress levels so you can better focus on your business.

Recession Resister knows that, no matter how many cars your dealership sells, you still have to pay the same bills; and that even when your profits are low, sadly, your energy bill is probably just as high.

If you’re feeling the crunch, their cost cutting and bill auditing experts are here to help and if you’re looking for a smarter approach to bill paying, you’ll find it at https://recessionresister.com/ 

Enhance Your Financial & Budget Sustainability

Recession Resister has launched their new bill auditing program following a recent report from Reuters, which showcased that new vehicle sales slipped by 1.5% in January after a slow season in December, which is normally a prime time for car sales. Citing a study by industry consultants J.D. Power and GlobalData, Reuters also tipped that this year may herald a 2% fall in vehicle sales. 

In lean times like these, the experienced financial auditors and cash flow experts at Recession Resister know it is essential for you to put downward pressure on overheads like bills and utilities in order to ensure that you can continue to pay other costs like wages and commissions and to improve the long-term budget and financial sustainability of your dealership. 

Audit Your Utility Bills To Uncover Big Savings

With their comprehensive utility bill auditing program, Recession Resister will begin by analyzing years’ worth of prior bills studying for errors and overcharges, which can be refunded to your dealership. As a spokesperson for their team explained, these kinds of errors are common and affect roughly 80% of businesses, which means your dealership has probably been paying more than you should.

By studying your bills, the expense managers will also gain a clear picture of your usage needs and any fluctuations, and will then proceed to negotiate on your behalf to secure a better rate for your electricity, gas and water services, either with your current provider or with a competitor. 

Pay Less For All Your Overheads

Recession Resister can extend the same bill auditing analysis and negotiation process to your other regular bills, like your telecommunications, cellular phone and internet bills, as well as your pest control, security, water delivery, waste management and payroll charges.

The expense management firm’s spokesperson said, “At Recession Resister, our mission is simple: we want to make your life better by saving you money, automatically and hassle-free. There is no better or easier way to lower your overhead costs than to let us review, audit, and manage your bills. When you save, we make money. If we can’t save you money, we don’t charge you. It’s that simple. With nothing to lose, get started today.” 

Stop paying more than you have to and start embracing big savings at https://recessionresister.com/

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