Utah Sex Addiction Treatment Center Offers Residential Therapy Program

Jun 14, 2023

You are not your addiction. Allow Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers (+1-801-766-2233) to help you overcome your sex & porn reliance through its in-patient rehab program.

Sex and porn addiction don’t have to cast a shadow on your life. That’s because Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers has a treatment plan that can help you beat these impulses.

You can sign up for a custom-tailored program that enables you to identify and address the root causes of your addiction. Moreover, the plan incorporates family support, ensuring your sustainable recovery even after the rehabilitation period ends.

Learn more by visiting https://utahaddictioncenters.com

The program at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers offers a comprehensive approach to sex and pornography addiction treatment. Specifically, it teaches you how to resist temptations, and offers tools and techniques to help you maintain sobriety in a world where pornography is very easily accessible.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, up to 8% of Americans report having issues with sex addiction - a problem exacerbated by the internet age. Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers seeks to address this growing issue, allowing you to start with a clean slate.

"We understand that sex and pornography addiction can be just as destructive as addiction to drugs or alcohol. That's why we've developed an individualized treatment program that addresses your unique needs and provides you with ample support so you can achieve lasting recovery,” a spokesperson said.

Further details about the program can be found at https://utahaddictioncenters.com/sex-addiction or at https://goo.gl/maps/Wd9qQpoZeBTe7m499

The program likewise teaches you how to have a healthier relationship with your sexuality. By emphasizing the importance of understanding sex and exploring it in a healthy manner, you can wean away from your reliance on pornography for gratification.

Staff members at Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers are certified as Sex Addiction Therapists, and they use leading sexual health research to inform their treatment plans. By staying updated on the latest therapy techniques, they can provide you with the best possible care.

To better assist with your recovery, the center offers in-patient rehabilitation, facilitating more intensive treatment.


Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers is a respected facility that offers compassionate care to clients struggling with addiction and mental health issues. With a team of certified professionals and a commitment to evidence-based treatment, the center has helped over 2,500 patients overcome self-destructive behaviors.

You can beat your addiction to porn and sex. But you need a partner who knows how to treat this complex issue. Get help today by reaching out to Utah Trauma and Addiction Centers!

Feel free to visit https://utahaddictioncenters.com/contact-us if you wish to inquire about the facility’s rehabilitation program.

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