Use This Hiring Manager Intake Tracker For Faster, Efficient Recruitment Process

Nov 1, 2023

Cicele van Brenk has instilled her expertise in finding the right talents for your organization in her “Hiring Manager Intake Tracker”. The notebook is your roadmap to stress-free recruitment!

Is your company:

  •  Hiring more than training new employees?
  • Connecting with talents who ghost you in the middle of the recruitment process?
  • Everywhere all at once?

Cicele van Brenk understands – she’s seen (and heard) it all.

That’s why she’s created the “Hiring Manager Intake Tracker” notebook so that you can say goodbye to all those hiring nightmares and meet employees who WANT to work with you. (And also suit the job requirements).

Candidate priorities continue to change

According to FlexJobs data, half of employed Americans are thinking of making a career change in 2024. This means that many employees want to work in a company that better meets their needs.

But how do you know what these needs are? How do you keep track of everything when you, yourself, don’t know what to look for?

 “Hiring Manager Intake Tracker” helps you stay organized and focused as you seek to attract new workers to your organization. The tracker has a dedicated space for each role to document job titles, their descriptions and responsibilities, and salary ranges.

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Promoting mutual respect between recruiters and job candidates

The hiring tracker notebook also contains best practices that you can learn from to find the most suitable candidate for your vacant role. Cicele also advises you to describe your current company culture and what your organization stands for to make sure you find talents who not only meet the job requirements but also want to stay with your company for years.

Cicele explains that many workers today want to join a company that makes them feel valued, more than a competitive salary or company perks. By using the “Hiring Manager Intake Tracker”, you can streamline your hiring processes by listing down your observations about what your potential candidates are looking for – fostering a more efficient and beneficial hiring process!

Removing barriers to candidate ghosting

By using the notebook, you can swiftly handle hiring-related problems: it helps you clearly define your ideal candidate and be able to communicate that in your job listing. By plainly outlining your job requirements, you would be able to connect with employees who truly want to work with your company.

As a result, you can successfully prevent “candidate ghosting”, which is a growing challenge for many employers. In fact, some studies show that almost 30% of US candidates ghost an employer due to poor communication found in the job description.

The tracker notebook also contains tips on talent acquisition and retention, including strategies for team calibration and continuous development.

This tracker is part of a series of 4 tools that would guarantee alignment throughout your HR and Recruiting department and facilitate a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Hiring tips from a trusted expert

Cicele is a well-known talent acquisition expert who has worked with industry giants like Amazon and Microsoft to improve their hiring processes. She provides recruiters with the tools they need to find the right talents every time.

Cicele says, "As a skilled talent acquisition director, I've discovered the best hiring practices for various businesses. My tracker notebooks are made to help recruiters create hiring teams that are on the same page and to speed up applicant interviews and evaluations."

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