Use This Conservative Search Engine Focused on Uncensored Results & Free Speech

Dec 11, 2023

With TUSK, you have an alternative option to Google with full AI integration thanks to the development of Gippr, a conservative-focused chatbot that prioritizes free speech!

These days, it can feel like every website out there has a liberal focus – and all too often they try to manipulate the content you can see and dictate what you can or can’t say.

TUSK Search aims to change all that. It’s built with security and privacy in mind but also cuts all the fluff, giving you full control over your browsing experience! And if you want AI functionality? Try Gipper AI, the conservative-focused bot!

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The safe space you need to ask questions without fear

The creators explain that Gippr AI is intended as a tool to help conservatives ask questions in a safe space, and challenge the liberal status quo, complementing the TUSK Search experience.

As a platform championing free speech values, TUSK allows you to set a preference filter before searching - Left, Center, or Right - to shape results according to your worldview. This ensures you can find information aligned with your perspective without worrying about shadowbans or other obstacles. "Free speech is a fundamental right for everyone and essential to a healthy democracy," a company spokesperson states.

The search function is one component of the broader TUSK web browser, which enables personalized reading experiences via user-curated lists of approved publications and sources across the political spectrum. This means right-leaning individuals can pull content from their preferred outlets - and vice versa for left-leaning readers, with the goal of creating a balanced information ecosystem with full transparency.

Secure browsing wherever you are

As part of TUSK’s security and privacy protection features, the browser defaults site connections to HTTPS encryption wherever available. This adds a layer of security compared to unencrypted HTTP connections, allowing you to browse with added confidence.

In the company’s view, existing search platforms and AI tools take an overly heavy-handed approach to content moderation - one that ultimately hinders the free sharing of ideas and speech. With distrust mounting against Silicon Valley’s handling of data, security, and speech, the TUSK team believes this uncompromising free speech position will appeal to you if you are seeking more control over your online experiences - especially news consumption.

The spokesperson adds: “With TUSK Search, you don’t have to worry about being censored, monitored, or confined to a sandbox of ‘approved’ information. You’ll have the power to access any content, anytime you want.”

Fed up with liberal-leaning media and want something a bit different? Download TUSK today!

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