Use Technology To Grow Equity In Your FL MSP Business With Key Joint Partnership

Jul 23, 2021

MSP Trusted Advisor Group announces the addition of Forrest Derr, President of Altaworx LLC to their team of expert professionals. Altaworx helps Managed Service Provider businesses build equity, while offering clients white label tech services. Contact Forrest Derr today by emailing [email protected] or by calling 404-902-5657!

As a Managed Service Provider, do you wish there was a way to leverage the technological tools you offer while at the same time growing equity in your business? If so, read on!

The MSP Trusted Advisor Group, a Managed Service Providers consulting company, announces that Forrest Derr of Altaworx LLC, has joined their professional team. As president of Altaworx LLC, Derr leads an organization that is focused on how Managed Service Providers (MPSs) can build equity value in your business by using technology like recurring White Label VoIP services for their clients.

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With the addition of Forrest Derr and Altaworx to their highly skilled team, the MSP Trusted Advisor Group continues to offer their MSP executive clients state-of-the-art solutions to all their outsourcing needs.

As a leading communications company, Altaworx offers MSPs the ability to build equity value in your business with a minor entry cost. This and the fact that they are backed by AT&T, their extensive range of products, which includes connectivity, is the reason they rise above their competition.

Having received the AT&T Alliance Channel Solution Provider Champions award for 5 years in a row, Altaworx is also the first of the AT&T Agent Exchange program and the first to become Platinum Status as a top provider.

Just one of the benefits of being an Altaworx agent is the evergreen commissions that are paid for as long as a client is under contract, even if you are no longer an agent.

Managed Service Providers are a way your business can adopt the use of technology and IT tools without paying excessive costs or getting overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. MSPs manage a part or all of a company's essential IT needs by leveraging skilled staff and outsourced services.

Recent studies show that upward of 70% of surveyed companies who did not use MSPs reported important IT skills gaps and staffing challenges.

With decades of accumulated experience in the industry, the seasoned professionals at MSP Trusted Advisor Group, or MSPTag, implement a format that includes strategy, execution, and accountability. They also offer a way to connect with same minded professionals through a Facebook group.

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The MSPTag team provides a collaboration of specialized MSP professional services to MSP Executives and guides them through the multiple levels of growth. The company's mission is to serve and ensure the growth of its MSP members by providing expertise and advice in areas of Capital, Marketing, Sales, Legal, CPA, HR Hiring, Sales Training, and delivery Business Coaching. These 8 business disciplines represent the ones mostly required to operate optimally.

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