Use Crypto Bitcoin To Pay For Luxury Private Flights From London to Paris

Oct 18, 2021

Did you know that you can use Bitcoin to pay for international chartered flights? Learn more by reading Private Jets Booking’s new report.

Are you planning to travel abroad for the holidays? Then you should read this report!

With Private Jets Booking’s latest resource, you can learn how to book round-trip chartered flights using Bitcoin. It also explains why cryptocurrencies can make payments not only faster but more secure.

You can learn more by visiting

The new report specifically reviews the services provided by Villers Jets, a leading player in the chartered flight industry. Its fleet of over 10,000 aircraft enables it to offer passengers like you highly competitive rates.

Private Jets Booking emphasizes that Bitcoin payments are usually finalized and cleared in just 15 minutes. Hence, it is a more convenient alternative to standard bank payments, which may also involve cumbersome paperwork.

This guide was released ahead of the holiday season, which is bound to be one of the busiest travel periods of the year despite the current pandemic. Private Jets Booking says that chartered planes offer you a safer way to fly abroad as their passenger count is smaller compared to commercial flights. 

Flying in a private plane is more convenient as well because you can choose whichever airport is closest to your home. Furthermore, you have to arrive just 15 minutes before your scheduled flight versus 90 minutes for commercial planes. 

Most importantly, chartered planes always fly directly to your destination and do not have stopovers. This allows you to spend less time travelling and more time enjoying the season with your loved ones. 

You may access the report on the aviation expert’s website. It also includes a link that enables you to request a no-obligation quote for the above-mentioned route. 

Private Jets Booking is a respected media outlet that highlights the intersection between aviation and technology. As part of its efforts to provide the latest information to readers, it regularly publishes reviews and in-depth guides.

A spokesperson says: “Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming mainstream, and they are a natural fit for the travel industry — especially in this era of the new normal. We are confident that you will find many insights in our newly shared report.”

Read the report for free today and discover the smarter way to travel internationally!

Simply visit if you wish to read the full guide.

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