USA Museum Preservation Cabinets With Interchangeable Panels Protect Specimens!

Feb 9, 2024

If you’re worried about how to protect valuable specimens in your institution, Spacesaver Corporation (800-255-8170) offers its 920 Series Preservation Cabinets, featuring interchangeable interior panels and a range of accessories to suit your unique storage needs.

We've all read the horror stories about valuable museum collections that were lost forever in a fire or other type of disaster. . .

Thinking about the library at Alexandria makes me choke up every time - not to mention more modern examples, like the terrible fire at the National Museum of Brazil, in 2018!

To help you protect irreplaceable artifacts and specimens against any eventuality, the 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet from Spacesaver is just what you need!

The high-end preservation cabinets help to create and maintain appropriate storage conditions for your museum, library, archive, laboratory, or other institution.

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The interchangeable interior panels featured on the 920 Series of museum preservation cabinets from Spacesaver include removable liners and configurable accessories, so that you can modify the units over time to suit different needs and types of collections.

Recent statistics from the National History Museum of Utah show that proper storage of museum specimens is vitally important, as artifacts and samples offer crucial baseline data for studies of conservation, history, and other academic fields. With Spacesaver’s 920 Series of museum-grade conservation cabinets, you can help ensure that specimens are stored correctly. “Our preservation cabinets help you protect the past and prepare for the future, even as your collections change,” says a company spokesperson.

The 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet is suitable for the long-term storage of geological specimens, as well as art, natural history, and anthropology collections. Cabinets can be fitted with interchangeable trays, drawers, hanging rods, or shelves to match your distinctive collection needs.

Additional interchangeable accessories for the cabinets include full-extension or rolled textile soft-close drawers, dividers, CIC safety stops, and corrugated trays. To help ensure security and accessibility as needed, locks, visual doors, vents with sliding closures, and casters are available as optional features.

With an emphasis on strength and sturdiness that can keep your museum specimens safe, the preservation cabinets are manufactured in the USA and are made of heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welded construction. Additional protection from dust and environmental contaminants is provided through closed-cell gaskets and a three-point latching system.

As for the fire question: the 920 Series cabinet was tested by a federal agency in a 2018 burn workshop. Contents of the cabinet remained unaffected by heat, soot, and smoke, even when temperatures around the cabinet reached 900 degrees Celsius (1650 degrees Fahrenheit), and the interior was also untouched and undamaged by water from the sprinkler system. Hooray!

Don't risk loss or damage to your valuable collections    •switch to a Spacesaver storage solution today!

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