USA Libraries Can Streamline Book & Manuscript Storage With Shelving Units!

Feb 20, 2024

If your institution needs mobile shelving solutions, Spacesaver Corporation (800-255-8170) offers Flexible Shelving units with Cantilever and 4-post options with a focus on innovative functionality.

Your institution is a dynamic place of learning and growth - and your storage solutions should be equally adaptable! Spacesaver's Flexible Shelving provides your library, university, or archive with the innovative, customizable storage options you need.

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The Flexible Shelving units are designed to meet your intensive storage needs while allowing for frequent adaptation options for different collections or formats over time.

Recognizing the dynamic environment and distinctive storage needs for libraries and other learning centers, the Flexible Shelving units from Spacesaver are a continuation of the company’s commitment to providing you with storage solutions that emphasize innovation and functionality.

Improve Functionality

Studies from LIBER Quarterly show that within working spaces like libraries, flexibility is a key component of meeting practical needs for housing collections, while also accommodating users and supporting staff effectively. The Flexible Shelving solutions from Spacesaver can be reconfigured quickly and efficiently, freeing up space for many different types of events, like meetings, training workshops, classes, exhibitions, and more.

“Our Flexible Shelving units create point-of-need storage, where and when it’s needed most,” explains a spokesperson. “With this innovative movable solution, users can restructure an existing layout or relocate a myriad of materials to a new space with a simple push in the right direction.”

Enhance Aesthetics

Along with adaptability, the Flexible Shelving gives you room for aesthetic expression and decorative consistency. The units come with customizable end panel finishes - with a choice of resin, laminate, acrylic or wood - which are sourced through local distributors. You'll be able to create a cohesive, complimentary ambiance in reading rooms or display spaces.

With a focus on durability and stability, the Flexible Shelving features caster bases that have been through rigorous testing standards to ensure internal cart stability, with a maximum load testing of 810 lb. point load or 1,620 lbs. total load per 72”wide base.

Adapt & Change

For your custom set-ups, the shelving units can be fitted with Spacesaver’s interchangeable 4-Post and Cantilever Shelving configurations to facilitate a wide array of display and storage purposes.

In addition to flexibility, durability, and aesthetics, the Flexible Shelving units also present your institution with a cost-effective storage solution, as they can accommodate a variety of uses within the institution, thereby reducing cost per square foot.

Start making the most of your dynamic space now with the Flexible Shelving from Spacesaver!

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