US Technology Pioneers Announce The Immersive Future Of E-Commerce And Sales

May 14, 2021

If you want to distinguish your brand and product in a competitive digital platform, Portland’s TechSparq have announced the launch of immersive commerce, a new sales system designed to truly engage customers.

There is no doubt that the future is digital but as more and more goods and services migrate online it can be more and more difficult to stand out online. That’s why TechSparq has pioneered immersive commerce, bringing the future of connected and humanizing digital customer experiences to you and your business today. 

TechSparq, an immersive-commerce and software development agency based in Portland, Oregon, has launched a new model for customer engagement in a digital and online world. They are now offering their immersive commerce concept to interested businesses and platforms across the United States. 

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The announcement coincides with the latest data from Oberlo, which indicates that globally in 2021 there are 2.14 billion online shoppers and that there are currently 900 million more digital buyers than there were at this time in 2020, representing a significant 4.4% increase. 

In light of this meteoric and ongoing rise of e-commerce globally and in the US, TechSparq is committed to improving customer engagement, retention, and connectivity. 

As such, their mission is to utilize the leading edge in creative and digital technologies to construct fully immersive shopping and brand experiences for your customer base.    

By utilizing established demographic trends, such as the fact that 64% of adults indicate that they spend more money when shopping with friends, TechSparq’s immersive commerce system translates the holistic and emotionally-driven experience of face-to-face shopping to the digital forum.

More specifically, their immersive commerce model helps you to identify and reward loyal customers, create a memorable shopping and buying experience and feature up-and-coming immersive technology to distinguish you from your competitors.  

Their pioneering customer connection technology has led to a proven track record of improving revenue per visitor (RPV) for their clients by up to 21%.

TechSparq was founded by CEO Dedrick Boyd who has over 23 years of industry experience consulting for high-profile brands like Nike, Target, and Mattel. He has channeled his comprehensive e-commerce & branding knowledge into creating a passionate, innovative, and experience-driven customer engagement firm.

In addition to their new immersive commerce innovation, TechSparq can assist brands and platforms with profitability and marketing reach. 

A spokesperson for the organization said, “We break the barriers between digital, real-world shopping, and connections between people. We can help you to create a truly immersive online brand experience that will make you the premier brand, the envy of your competitors, and the obsession of your customers.”

As more customers turn to the digital world it is more important than ever to distinguish your business and platform. Let the experts at TechSparq create something truly moving, inspiring and unforgettable.

If you are ready to evoke powerful and emotive brand experiences for your customers visit today and transform your digital platform.

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