US Sustainable Labels for Food Packaging: Get Custom Linerless Shrink Sleeves

May 14, 2024

Be part of revolutionizing the food and beverage packaging industry with ID Images’ (866-516-7300) eco-friendly labels! With their sustainable packaging solutions, you’ll reduce your waste and environmental footprint.

Sustainable Labels for Food and Drink Packaging

You know the frustration you feel when you notice how many single-use containers you've used in a week? Did you know that over 80% of consumers feel the same way? So, if your business is trying to come up with more eco-friendly packaging, you'll love to hear that ID Images offers sustainable labels!

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ID Images will help you customize a sustainable, high-quality label that complies with food safety regulations while displaying your product just the way you want! 

Food Packaging US Biggest Waste reported that 63% of all of the solid waste produced by the US stemmed from food packaging in 2020. As a company that cares deeply about sustainability, ID Images wants to do its part in ensuring consumers can choose more eco-friendly packaging.

"From conception to completion, we offer exceptional technical support and solution services, embedding sustainability at every step. Our comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly labels underscores our dedication to driving a more sustainable future," a spokesperson for the company said.

Use Sustainable Packaging to Attract Eco-Conscious Customers

Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. According to the data presented by Protega, 64% of UK consumers in a study said that they were more likely to buy a product in sustainable packaging. Furthermore, 50% would pay more for an eco-friendly solution, underlining that you should view sustainable labeling as an investment rather than an expense. 

How ID Images Creates Eco-Friendly Labels

ID Images' eco-friendly labeling options include pressure-sensitive linerless labels that produce 50% less waste than conventional labels. The company utilizes Green Leaf-certified HP Indigo digital print engines for its sustainable labels. If you're looking to label beverage cans, you can opt for ID Images' 100% recyclable shrink sleeves.

ID Images uses materials sourced from responsibly managed forests whenever possible while still ensuring that compliance standards regarding readability are met. In addition to the food and drinks industries, sustainable labels are available for cosmetic products and household goods. An expert team member will work together with you to find a solution that is suitable for your sector and design ideas.

About ID Images

ID Images was founded in 1995, and has since grown to 16 facilities spread out across North America and currently operates over 110 converting lines.

More than sustainable labels, ID Images provides businesses with industrial-grade options like RFID labels and thermal transfer labels. Businesses that want to take their sustainability efforts further can get help customizing a QR code label to help consumers find recycling information, for example.

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