US Pre-Engineered Steel Building Construction Company Includes Permit Services

Mar 12, 2024

If a pre-engineered building is the solution to your business or agricultural needs, the experts at Reich Construction LLC (301-550-0540) offer full permitting services, along with design and construction, to get your building approved and erected faster.

While there is quite a lot of debate around the origins of the idiom "measure twice, cut once," the fact these conversations take place at all is a testament to the power of the adage. When it comes to pre-engineered steel buildings, measurement is just part of the process. There's also the permitting stage. Get this part wrong, and you'll very quickly understand why in 1785, in a collection of Gaelic proverbs the expression was published thus: "Better measure short of seven, than spoil all at once." In short: overlooking permits is a costly mistake.

If you've chosen the faster and more cost-effective pre-engineered steel building method for your upcoming project, turn the permitting process, along with the design, architectural, budgeting, and construction processes over to the experts at Reich Construction LLC. Get in touch to find out how they can expedite a flawless steel building, at


As a preferred Butler Builder, Reich Construction LLC prepares the documents you'll need so your steel building meets local structural, zoning and code requirements. This can save you months, even years, in securing government approvals for your pre-engineered steel structure.

Just about every building requires permits. If you've got plans for a pre-engineered steel building (PEB), the permitting process is critical to your project remaining on time and on budget. Or that it goes up at all.

Save yourself all the research, stress, time, and worry when you turn your project over to Reich Construction LLC. They provide comprehensive end-to-end services, beginning with a staff of engineers who will assess your building site to ensure you capitalize on its particulars, a permitting team with the expertise needed to prepare and submit accurate documentation for fast government approvals, and architects who will design your building in accordance with local building codes.

Reich Construction LLC also provides estimating and budgeting services, and relies on their own, highly trained construction crews to erect your PEB.

“With over 40 years of experience, our teams have seen it all. We have the experience needed to design and build the best structure for our clients’ needs, in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, anywhere in the US,” says Bruno Reich, Architect and CEO, Reich Construction LLC.


Building codes evolve over time and can cause confusion when the information available on a local permitting website has not been updated to reflect the current requirements. But you shouldn't need to chase around to find and confirm this information. Reich Construction LLC has the business relationships and expert staffing in place to know who to ask and how to file accurate documentation, all on your behalf.

Whether you're looking to build a warehouse, retail facility, car dealership, bus terminal, or any other functional space, being taken off guard with unexpected permitting requirements and engineering difficulties is not something you want to risk.

So, like that other well-known proverb that says a giant boulder is only heavy if you try to roll it up a hill, don't roll it up the hill.


Reich Construction LLC alleviates all potential pitfalls that can come with your project by working closely with you to provide the information and guidance you need, every step of the way.

The costliest mistakes happen in the initial planning stages of a building. When you work with Reich Construction LLC, your project will be error-free, on budget, and on time. Their teams take on all your planning, budgeting, permitting, designing, and building requirements while you take on the accolades that come with choosing the team that produced a flawless outcome.

Turn all the details that come with planning, designing, and erecting a pre-engineered steel building over to the company with a passion for the process. Learn more at

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