US Durable Laser Label Sheets for Shipping & Logistics: Smudge-Free Solution

May 17, 2024

No more packages that don’t make it to their owners thanks to ID Images (866-516-7300) laser label sheets! With high-precision printing and ultra-clear text or barcodes that don’t smudge, tracking will be a breeze!

Reliable Laser Label Sheets for Logistics

Are you tired of low-quality labels causing disruptions in your chain of logistics? Then ID Images has the solution for you: high-precision printing with laser label sheets! With this solution, tracking and compliance is a piece of cake!

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Smudge-Free Label Solution

As supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, durable, smudge-free labels are crucial to ensure that products can be tracked throughout their delivery. ID Images’ laser sheet labels ensure clear text, barcodes, and other vital information about the contained goods that will last from packing to final destination.

In the transportation industry, efficiency is fueled by accuracy, and productivity requires strategic labeling to ensure packages meet their destinations on time. With our innovative approach to printing, we leverage cutting-edge technology with years of expertise to deliver the best solutions every time,” a company spokesperson said.

Millions of Packages Go Missing Every Year

According to an article from PR Newswire, 13% of Americans had a package lost or stolen between 2021-2022- adding up to over 24 million parcels that never arrived at their final destination. The issue is not secluded to the US and has led to 10% of the global population being hesitant to buy goods online. While it’s impossible to know what has happened in many cases, you can do your part in improving package tracking by getting an abrasion-resistant and smudge-free labeling solution with clear text.

Customizable Options for Various Industries

ID Images’ laser sheet labels are made with 50 lb liner and face and use permanent adhesive. The manufacturer has stock sizes available but can customize the sheets to virtually any size. The sheets are engineered to be compatible with most common-brand laser printers, and you can request the labels to be customized for specific projects, for example, patient identification or address labels.

ID Images stands at the forefront of providing laser labels by the sheet, engineered for high-precision and efficiency across all industries,” the company spokesperson said. “ From mailing and product labeling to inventory tagging and office organization, our laser labels cater to a multitude of needs.

More Label Solutions From ID Images

In addition to laser sheet labels, the manufacturer offers a wide range of labels and signs. Some of these include RFID labels, decorative labels for a varied selection of cosmetic, food, and beverage packaging, and thermal transfer labels. Whenever possible, ID Images uses materials sourced from ethically managed forests and has recyclable options available.

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