US Direct Thermal Labels for Package ID Enhances Sustainability in Packaging

Apr 30, 2024

Sustainable packaging includes labeling. And thanks to ID Images’ direct thermal labels, you can get a durable, eco-friendly solution for your package identification needs.

Eco-Friendly Direct Thermal Labels 

Is sustainability important to your company and customers? Then, you'll love the direct thermal labels from ID Images! With this smart packaging identification solution, you'll save money, time, and nature's resources!

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ID Images offers custom direct thermal label options to businesses across North America who want to improve the sustainability of their packaging. The labels are compatible with all printers, making it easy for you to get started with your eco-friendly labeling project!

Sustainable Solution That Enhances Operational Efficiency

Understanding the value clear barcodes and other packing identification data bring to transport and logistics, ID Images' eco-friendly direct thermal labels offer a high-resolution, durable solution that enhances operational efficiency.

"Our labels are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, ensuring they perform reliably in a variety of settings. From straightforward address labels to more complex barcode printing, our labels offer consistent print quality, ensuring your data is clear and legible every time," a spokesperson for the company said.

Consumers Love Sustainable Packaging

According to a survey by Trivium Packaging, sustainable packaging is becoming more popular among consumers, with 59% of participants saying that they look for recyclability and sustainability features before making a purchase. Furthermore, 82% said that they would pay more for a product in sustainable packaging. ID Images' direct thermal labels help you in your efforts to develop sustainable packaging without compromising on functionality and quality.

How Direct Thermal Labels Work

Direct thermal labels are made by passing heat-sensitive paper under a thermal print head to activate patterns for barcodes, text, and other graphics. This solution doesn't require ink, toner, or ribbons, making it cost-efficient and reducing single-use materials like ink cartridges. The technology used today for direct thermal labels also delivers more durable results than before that can withstand handling and shipping.

Customizable Options

Some of the eco-friendly options offered by ID Images include FSC-certified paper and recyclable PET container labels. If you need labels that are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and scratches, you can opt for synthetic materials.

ID Images direct thermal labels can be ordered from the stock or personalized through their user-friendly website or a member of the label expert team. You have choices like freezer-grade and removable adhesive and can order various shapes and sizes.

Need another type of packaging identification or labeling solution? Browse ID Images' website to see all your options, including RFID labels, laser sheets, and industrial-grade specialty labels.

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