US Custom Thermal Transfer Labels for Logistics Barcode & Package ID Printing

May 30, 2024

Check out ID Images’ (866-516-7300) custom thermal transfer labels if you need a durable and versatile solution for printing barcodes and packaging information- perfect for shipping labels!

Streamline Logistics With Thermal Transfer Labels from ID Images

Don't let a bad label stand in the way of your company's reputation. With ID Images' thermal transfer labels, tracking is a breeze! These bad boys can take scratches, wind, and heat without compromising on precision or readability.

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ID Images manufactures thermal transfer labels for American companies that need to print high-volume packaging information. By providing a solution for sharp and resilient prints, ID Images wants to help you streamline your logistics and transporting operations.

Beat Supply Chain Disruptions With the Right Label

Logistics industries face many supply chain challenges today. While you can't control issues like extreme weather and regulations, you can at least make sure you have a durable labeling solution for packages that can help you reduce delivery delays and disruptions.

Direct Thermal Labels Vs Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels provide businesses with a versatile, scratch-resistant solution that is suitable for everything from simple text to complex barcode printing. Contrary to direct thermal labels that can only print black, thermal transfer labels can be used for printing logos and for other branding purposes as they are compatible with inks of various colors. Direct thermal labels don't require ribbons which can save you both time and money for short-term needs, but thanks to the coating of thermal transfer labels, the prints can withstand harsh weather, UV, and heat.

Customizable Thermal Transfer Labels

ID Images has a range of custom options, including permanent and moisture-resistant adhesives, sizes, and shapes. Additionally, the label manufacturer has a range of materials available, from standard papers to polypropylene and polyester for a heavy-duty solution. As an eco-conscious business, ID Images also provides recyclable label materials.

More Labeling Options for All Industries

The thermal transfer labels are suitable for other industries, like healthcare, retail, electronics, and food and beverage. A team member can guide you through the various options and explain which label solution will suit your project best.

If you're in the logistics and transport industry and are in need of other labels, you have a wide selection to choose from. ID Images provides RFID labels, direct thermal labels, PAPS (Pre-arrival Processing System) labels and PARS (Pre-arrival Release System) labels. With almost 30 years in the industry, the company is familiar with the Department of Transportation's (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) regulations and can help you find a label that meets these codes.

"In the transportation industry, efficiency is fueled by accuracy, and productivity requires strategic labeling to ensure packages meet their destinations on time," a company spokesperson said. "With our innovative approach to printing, we leverage cutting-edge technology with years of expertise to deliver the best solutions every time."

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