Upgrade Your Business to the Cloud with a Free Dynamics 365 Assessment!

Feb 14, 2024

Future-proof your business seamlessly with Sunrise Technologies’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment, updated for the latest features in 2024. Gain insights, explore new functionalities, and streamline operations to enhance productivity and drive success. Schedule your free assessment today!

Sunrise Technologies, a global Microsoft Partner, is pleased to introduce the updated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment for 2024, tailored for organizations utilizing legacy on-premise AX, NAV, CRM, or GP. This assessment serves as a pivotal initiative in facilitating the transition to the cloud and harnessing the capabilities of the intelligent cloud.

In the current dynamic business environment, embracing modern technology is imperative for maintaining competitiveness. The Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment offers a structured pathway for businesses to seamlessly migrate to the cloud, thereby unlocking various operational benefits. These include enhanced simplicity, flexibility, efficiency, and security, underpinned by the robust integration of Dynamics 365 with Office 365. This integration fosters a cohesive ecosystem conducive to optimizing productivity and collaboration.

Participants in the assessment will have the opportunity to engage with experienced solution consultants who will provide comprehensive insights into Dynamics 365 functionalities and capabilities. Through this engagement, businesses can reduce dependency on customizations and hardware, leading to streamlined operations and improved cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the assessment equips stakeholders embarking on an upgrade transformation with valuable knowledge regarding migration tools, feature roadmap considerations, and licensing assistance, ensuring a smooth transition to Dynamics 365. This strategic approach enables organizations to navigate the complexities of the upgrade process with confidence, thereby minimizing disruptions and maximizing returns on investment.

In today's competitive landscape, adaptability, security, and innovation are critical for sustainable growth. By embracing the Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment, businesses can position themselves for future success, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge.

Interested organizations are encouraged to schedule their assessment today to start on the journey towards unlocking the full potential of Dynamics 365. With Sunrise Technologies as a trusted partner, the transition to digital transformation becomes a structured and efficient process.

Learn more and fill out the form at the Microsoft Partner's website: https://sunrise.co/microsoft-dynamics-365/why-upgrade/

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