Unique Red Flower Photo Art Shower Curtains by Jazz Singer Turned Designer

Jun 26, 2024

Give your bathroom a summer makeover with a floral shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch! These colorful flowers, captured by a one-of-a-kind NYC artist, will give you the most unique home decor detail.

Flowery Photo Art Shower Curtains

Flower power is so 60s... The 2020s are all about flower showers! In Sarah James Jazz Merch's line of shower curtains, you can find exquisite photo art of flowers that will make you feel like your bathroom is a blooming little paradise.

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The seasonal-themed shower curtains are perfect for summer, with bright colors ranging from red and purple to blue and white!

Unique Photo Design by Creative Jazz Singer

All shower curtains are unique and designed by Sarah James. Sarah, who has worked as a jazz singer since the early 1970s, took her photography hobby to a business level during the pandemic and has, since the inception of Sarah James Jazz Merch, expanded her collections consistently. Sarah got the idea for a line of shower curtains as she wanted a big space to showcase some of her selected photographs.

Bathe in Beauty in Health With Echinacea Shower Curtain

One of Sarah's favorite designs is a bed of Echinaceas in a rare coral tone. As in most of Sarah's photos, the flowers were snapped in a New York setting, at Saunderskill Farms in Kerhonkson. Sarah highlights that in addition to the beauty of the flower, Echinacea is also a popular plant in alternative medicine, used to boost immune health, and she hopes that it will inspire invigorating showers.

"This photograph represents my passion for photography and nature. With a journalistic approach, I aimed to capture the essence of the Echinacea plant, highlighting its vibrant colors and intricate details," Sarah said.

Multipurpose Shower Curtains

The summer-themed flower designs also feature purple Echinaceas, pink and white peonies and freesias, red roses, and bouquets in vibrant bright color combinations. Sarah suggests multipurpose use of shower curtains, for example, for Instagram backdrops, gazebo shade, wall hangings, or room dividers. >>Stay up to date with Sarah's upcoming projects at: https://www.facebook.com/sarahjamesjazz

More Designs from Sarah James Jazz Merch

The whole line extends to winter, fall, and spring-themed photo art, as well as other interesting objects. You can find everything from a close-up of an American gray wolf and meadows to a piece of NYC street art photography, presenting plenty of style options for different moods and seasons.

About Sarah James

After touring the country as a jazz singer, Sarah returned to the East Coast in the late 1970s and has been an active artist there since and still performs at establishments regularly. Some other projects Sarah is currently working on include a documentary about jazz singers and a recording of her poetry.

>>Learn more about Sarah at: http://www.sarahjames.com

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