Unique Designer Shower Curtains Feature Photos By A Woman Entrepreneur Artist

Feb 21, 2024

Want to make your home pop with some tasteful natural imagery? Then check out Sarah James Jazz Merch’s designer shower curtains! These unique accessories featuring original photo art of natural scenes and objects will give you a daily source of peaceful, inspiring, creativity-sparking natural beauty.

Convert Your Home's Eyesores to Eye-Catchers

If your home has a beige bathroom or lots of blank wall space that’s becoming an eyesore, then Sarah James Jazz Merch, jazz musician Sarah James’ niche e-store, has just the thing – eye-catching designer shower curtains! They showcase her original photos of Oregon’s and New York State’s luscious natural beauty that will uplift your mood, add character to your home, and serve as a cool background for photos and videos.

Feast your eyes on these sumptuous beauties at https://sarahjamesjazzmerch.printify.me/products

Luxurious Yet Affordable Accessories

With this line of designer shower curtains, you can take your pick from the best selections from Sarah James’ eclectic photography collection, which she has built up over 25 years. The curtains will add an original yet affordable artistic touch to your bathroom and other interior spaces, like rooms in your home that need a tasteful divider. All curtains are available for $60 or less, which is way less than what a bathroom remodel would cost you!

More to Explore from Sarah James Jazz Merch

The designer shower curtains are one of many product lines in the Sarah James Jazz Merch e-store. This boutique online shop also offers other home décor items like fleece blankets and pillows, apparel including T-shirts, leggings, and dresses, and accessories like laptop sleeves, duffle bags, and iPhone cases, all featuring unique images from Sarah James’ extensive collection of original photo art.

Natural Beauty for Every Taste

The curtains showcase many natural subjects ranging from floral spring bouquets, winter woodland scenes, and fallow fields in upstate New York, to sunset reservoir waterscapes, Oregon beaches at twilight, and profiles of the majestic Catskills mountain range.

“Just having these images in sight every day will lift your spirit and keep you in gratitude,” James writes. “These shower curtains can also be used as wall hangings or room dividers, and I hope they spark some creativity in your habitat.”

Beautiful Curtains with Durability

The 71”-by-74” curtains consist of 100% polyester, which is extremely durable and will retain its shape and dry quickly after each use. Each curtain has 12 buttonholes along the top for hook placement.

About Sarah James Jazz Merch

Sarah James Jazz Merch was founded by native New Yorker Sarah James, whose career as a jazz singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet, and photographer spans five decades. By sharing her photography through her designer shower curtain line, she hopes to help home decorators like you lift their mood and find inspiration during all seasons by changing their home décor accordingly.

If you would like to learn more about Sarah, her background, and her projects, have a look at http://www.sarahjames.com

“I have always loved taking photos. I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, the snow, etc.,” Sarah explains. “I created a whole line of shower curtains because I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature.”

Sarah James' truly unique designer shower curtains will bring the spirit of any season into your home - not to mention serve as great backgrounds for photos, videos, and reels!

For the latest updates on Sarah's work and her e-store offerings, check out https://www.facebook.com/sarahjamesjazz

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