Unique Designer Shower Curtain With Pink Peonies by Woman Entrepreneur Artist

Jun 27, 2024

Decorate your home with a shower curtain just as unique as the designer herself! Sarah James Jazz Merch has a range of beautiful drapes for all seasons, including photo art of summer-vibe bouquets.

Artistic Shower Curtains by Jazz Artist

Who said your bathroom can't have creative decorations? Not Sarah James! This artist has a selection of her photo art printed on shower curtains that will give your bathroom that wow factor.

>>See all the designs here: https://sarahjamesjazzmerch.printify.me/products

All items are designed by the artist, making them a unique addition to your bathroom. They can also be used as a room divider, wall hanging, photo background, and so much more!

Shower Curtains for Every Season

Sarah James launched the line of shower curtains as part of an expansion of her e-commerce brand, Sarah James Jazz Merch, a woman-owned company that offers the artist's photo art on a range of items. The new collection has a seasonal theme, with prints for all seasons.

Flower Power Design for Summer Lovers

Among the new prints added to the collection is a bouquet of peonies and freesias in pink and white hues. Sarah snapped the photo at Beethoven's Veranda, a floral and greenery boutique garden in New Jersey.

"This shower curtain will add an original touch to any room. Made with highly durable polyester, this curtain stays like new for a long time to come and is a perfect accessory to any decor," Sarah said. "Step into your shower and imagine you are in a spring garden fit for a king or queen!"

More Designs by Sarah James

In the collection, you can find a wide range of colorful bouquets, including red and coral tones and eye-catching spring flower arrangements. The full selection extends to a close-up of a wolf, a snowy winter forest, an autumn meadow, and much more.

The shower curtains are made of durable polyester that can be machine-washed. They are available in 71 × 74-inch sizes and can be shipped internationally.

In addition to the shower curtains, Sarah James has many other unique products. One of the most popular ones is her line of NYC street art photography on T-shirts. The T-shirts are available in different fits and models and make appreciated gifts to people who like outsider art and graffiti. >>Learn more about Sarah and see all her products at: http://www.sarahjames.com

About Sarah James

Sarah James is primarily a jazz singer and launched Sarah James Jazz Merch during the pandemic when she couldn't perform. Since restrictions were lifted, she regularly sings at restaurants and clubs in NYC while working on many other projects, including a jazz documentary.

>>Stay updated with Sarah's latest projects and events at: https://www.facebook.com/sarahjamesjazz

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