Unforgettable Vacations Made Easy, Affordable With Secret Travel Sites

May 23, 2024

The travel industry is dominated by a handful of large companies, but these sites often miss hidden gems that create lifetime memories. A new article explains how these titans came to control the market, and how emerging platforms like Travorium are changing the game.

The summer is almost here, and hearing your co-workers discuss their plans is giving you serious FOMO. But the travel booking site offerings are all the same. When there's only one path, how do you find anything off of it?

Check out this article to find out: https://legacybuildersalliance.com/blog/travel-duopoly-dominance-how-expedia-booking-com-control-the-travel-industry

Big travel companies have deep pockets allowing them to build feature-rich sites and mobile apps that give you a convenient user experience. But what's more important to you: a great booking experience or a unique holiday your family will remember forever?

A new article from the travel industry experts at Legacy Builders Alliance explains how household-name travel sites came to dominate the market, and how smaller companies are disrupting the model.

Convenience At a Price

These major travel companies didn't always dominate the travel booking market. Instead, they slowly built their travel empires through acquisitions, partnerships, and technology expansions. Today, they've come to control roughly 95 percent of the total market share.

This domination is convenient for customers, creating one-stop shops for flights, lodging, rental cars, and more. However, their impressive websites and apps are often built using the extra fees and commissions they collect from customers who are overpaying, according to the article.

Big Names, Big Chains

These well-known travel sites took over the market, in part, by creating agreements with large chain hotels and other corporate behemoths. As a result, they create financial pressure on smaller operations - or miss them entirely. And that's where Travorium shines.

Travorium works with independent establishments to offer distinctive lodging, luxurious accommodations, and experiences off the beaten path, company representatives say. The team behind the platform strives to provide 4 to 5-star holiday experiences for 2-star prices, including:

  • A little-known resort in Florence, Italy, nestled at the juncture of two hilltop family farms.
  • A traditional resort, located in eastern Bali, Indonesia, featuring unique Balinese architecture and ornate traditional stone carvings
  • An elegant complex overlooking the Sea of Cortez on the Mexican Riviera

A Different Kind of Network

Travorium has built a network of its own but refuses to tack on unnecessary fees and extra expenses the traditional sites charge. Through their own methods, they've reached agreements for hotels, resorts, rental cars, excursions, and other travel-related expenses in more than 2,000 destinations worldwide.

“These platforms provide travelers with diverse choices, personalized services, and innovative solutions for their journeys,” a company spokesman said. “In this exploration of the alternatives, we unveil a world of travel possibilities beyond the well-trodden paths.”

Travorium is disrupting the travel market by helping individuals from a variety of economic circumstances see the world. Members can earn money from using their mobile devices. The company’s networking platform allows members to earn travel points to buy down rates and earn as their network grows.

To learn more about what Travorium offers, visit https://legacybuildersalliance.com/secret-travel-booking-site?ts=a913c057

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