“Unexpected reds”, quirky shower curtains, & more trendy spring bathroom designs

Jun 18, 2024

From cottagecore making a comeback to the “unexpected red” injecting surprising life in otherwise innocuous designs, spring 2024 is seeing exciting new (and not-so-new) bathroom décor trends.

It’s not that long ago that all-white shower curtains were the norm – but this is 2024 and this year it’s all about bold, daring, and even dubiously stripy.

Without further ado, here are four bathroom décor trends that are in this spring:

Cool, quirky shower curtains

Plain white’s no longer going to cut it – one of the easiest, most affordable ways to up jazz-up a bathroom is by simply investing in some curtains that aren’t jaw-droppingly boring, says musician, photographer and designer Sarah James.

Her floral curtain designs are inspired by various places from in and around New York – from local florists to farmer’s markets – and bring a colorful, vibrant and in-season touch to any bathroom.

But curtain designs don’t have to be realistic to be cool – low-key patterns and earth hues are welcome additions, too.

The unexpected red

Making the rounds on TikTok is the “unexpected red” trend – another easy way to freshen up an otherwise uninspiring bathroom. The bold accent can be anything from a bold vanity cabinet to (again) shower curtains or even bright red towels – just enough color to add some drama and movement.

Geometric tiles

Good old tiles are great – but opting for more creative designs can bring any bathroom closer to current year.

This spring it’s all about geometric designs, wood or other nature effects, and (of course), the “unexpected red”.

Cottagecore décor 

Five years after it first made waves on TikTok, cottagecore is back with more nostalgic designs that work great if you’re into (mostly) urban versions of idyllic rural life. Some ideas to try this year include:

  • potted plants or floral arrangements;
  • brass or gold showerheads and taps;
  • floral wallpaper;
  • floral shower curtains

But there’s no limit to what can be used to create idyllic rural-inspired bathroom - any vintage piece can theoretically work, and coupled with an unexpected red blotch and some creative tiles, this year might just be one of the greatest so far for eclectic bathroom designs.

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