Unemployed? This Utility Bill Auditing Service Helps With Budget Sustainability

May 29, 2024

If you’re unemployed, your government benefits may not cover all your expenses. Recession Resister is here to help. Their utility bill auditing service enhances budget sustainability by lowering your service rates and getting you refunded on mistaken charges.

What do you do if you're in between jobs but you still have a slew of monthly bills to pay? Recession Resister is here to help unemployed Americans find savings in their monthly invoices and their utility rates. They'll comb through your paid monthly bills to identify overages and mistakes that resulted in month-to-month overpayments and overblown rates that resulted in your handing over a lot more money for your utilities than you should have. Then they get you refunded.

Ready to find out where you've been overpaying? Give Recession Resister a try right now at https://recessionresister.com


Recession Resister is an easy and accessible way for you to minimize your monthly expenses. A trusted and secure online tool, their smart technology analyzes your utility bills and other monthly invoices to reveal incredible savings potential and the opportunity for you to meet or exceed your budgeting goals.

A company spokesperson explains:

“Millions of Americans are overpaying by a total of $60 billion every year for basic monthly services. Our bill auditing service puts more money back into Americans’ pockets. This can be especially helpful to unemployed professionals keeping a close eye on their expenses.”


A 2023 household pulse survey conducted by the US Census Bureau reveals 41% of Americans are finding it difficult to pay their monthly bills. If you've either lost or left your job, covering essential expenses becomes even more of a challenge.

To help the more than 6.5 million Americans currently unemployed optimize finances, Recession Resister offers a comprehensive bill auditing service that uses smart technology to scan your utility, telecommunications, satellite, and security bills to uncover posting errors and egregious fees which they can then have refunded back to you.


In addition, their in-house negotiations team - experts that monitor utility prices in deregulated markets - are available to renegotiate overblown rates on your behalf.

In the event your utility provider is unwilling to bring their prices in line with market rates, a utility auto-switching service can connect you with providers offering the lowest available rates on the utility packages you currently enjoy.

How's that for savings?

Imagine finding extra money in your monthly bills and extra savings in renegotiated utility contracts. This is indeed possible! Anyone can give it a shot. The trouble is, most people don't have the time to manually comb through months’ worth of paid bills. Fewer still will want to contact their providers to secure the refunds they’re owed or attempt to negotiate lower utility rates.

Instead of wasting your time being bounced from one customer service rep to another, turn your bills over to Recession Resister. They'll run them through their Bill Saver technology, and tell you just exactly how much you're owed. Same goes with your utility rates. They'll compare your contracted rate to the market rate to determine the difference, and then lower your contracted rate to even-steven.

Recession Resister does all the work, so you don't have to.

And here's the best part: There are no upfront fees for this auditing service. You only pay once your refund and reductions have been secured, at which point Recession Resister charges 50% of what they've helped you save.


Could you use a boost in revenues right about now? How about long-term savings on your monthly expenses? Recession Resister does both, without your having to lift a finger. You can just sit back and save. 

Learn more about Recession Resister at https://recessionresister.com

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