Unemployed Professionals Decrease Utility Expenses With Bill Auditing Program

Jun 26, 2024

When you’re unemployed, every penny counts. Make sure you’re not overpaying for your utilities and other monthly expenses by using Recession Resister, a comprehensive utility bill auditing program that identifies common invoicing mistakes and gets you refunded.

If you’re in between jobs, your household budget is probably a much bigger concern than usual. Yet, hidden within your regular utility bills and other service invoices could be errors, overcharges and “gotcha” fees quietly draining your savings.

Now you can quickly have these egregious fees and errors identified, and all your overages refunded. A utility auditing program called Recession Resister was designed to optimize consumer finances by making sure their service provider bills are accurate. Find out how much you've been overcharged and how much you're owed at https://recessionresister.com

Ready to learn more? Let's dive into how Recession Resister works and why it's an especially smart choice for unemployed professionals keeping an eye on budgets.


Recession Resister identifies and corrects service provider billing errors and inflated utility rates which industry research confirms is more common than you'd think. By eliminating financial waste, Recession Resister helps you maximize your household budget.

Did you know millions of Americans are overpaying by an approximate annual total of $60 Billion for basic residential services? A recent article by Consumer Reports reveals 41% of people who had a gas or electric bill from 2017 - 2019 experienced unexpected or hidden fees.


Recession Resister uses advanced Bill Saver technology combined with top negotiation experts to ferret out and correct billing mistakes, overages, hidden fees, errors in calculations, and inflated rates, preventing them from impacting your budget. Once their utility auditing program identifies these errors their negotiators have all your overpayments refunded and resolved for the long term.

A spokesperson for the platform explains:

“Most consumers don’t know they’re being overcharged. Chances are your monthly costs for basic home services have increased without you noticing, or they include hidden fees, old charges, and other mistakes. We’re here to correct that so Americans can sit back and enjoy their savings.”

In addition to utilities, you can use Recession Resister to analyze your TV, internet, mobile, satellite, and security bills. The Bill Saver auditing program also includes an auto-switching feature that can connect you with utility companies offering the most competitive rates for the services you use. You benefit from detailed reporting, easy access to support available by email and online chat, and valuable peace of mind, knowing you're not being ripped off.


As it is a performance-based service, there are no upfront costs with Recession Resister. Instead, you pay 50% of the savings Recession Resister secures on your behalf. You can also choose a pay-in-full option for added discounts.

In recognition of how stressful it can be to manage your expenses when you're in between jobs, Recession Resister helps you optimize your finances.

A recent customer says, “I didn’t even realize I could have my bills negotiated. Bill Saver got me a lower bill for my cable, my Internet, my cellphone and my energy. And I didn’t have to do a thing. Hundreds of dollars in savings! Thanks Bill Saver.”

Could you use hundreds of dollars in savings? Learn more about Recession Resister and give it a try at https://recessionresister.com

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