UK-Based Freelance UX Designer Rich Brown Wins Over 30 Awards for U.S. Clients

Dec 7, 2023

In an extraordinary accomplishment, acclaimed freelance UX/UI website designer Rich Brown has amassed an impressive count of over 30 awards for his exceptional website projects in the year 2023.

2023 has proven to be truly exceptional for freelance web designer Rich Brown and his global clientele, characterized by an outstanding collaborative endeavor that led to the commendable achievement of over 30 awards spanning a diverse spectrum of projects. While based in the UK, Rich's collaborative reach naturally extends to businesses and creative agencies within his home country, however, a noteworthy trend has emerged—Rich is experiencing a growing demand for his unique style of user-centric design services from clients in the United States.

Since 2021, Rich has collaborated successfully with numerous US-based clients across various sectors, including executive brand strategy, e-commerce, book launches, accountancy, arts, and notable collaborations with individuals such as Californian free-skier Cody Townsend and L.A. movie director Michael Steinberg.

Rich attributes his growing popularity among American audiences to the recent decline in the pound, making high-quality freelance work more accessible for U.S. businesses. He emphasizes, ‘Collaborating with a freelancer not only eliminates the overhead costs associated with large agencies but also offers more value for the investment, especially with the current favorable exchange rate. Opting for the right freelance designer ensures that you receive top-tier work comparable to that of major agencies, all at a significantly reduced cost’.

He appears to thrive on the challenge of understanding the inner workings of various businesses, catering to their unique needs. Rich expresses his enthusiasm for freelancing, stating, ‘Working as a freelancer designer—you can choose projects that genuinely interest you, allowing for a diverse range of projects, always learning and developing.’ Clearly, this approach is proving fruitful, as Rich adds, 'I've cultivated strong relationships with my clients, and a significant portion of new business comes from word of mouth. It speaks volumes, indicating that I must be doing something right’.

Every new project Rich Brown undertakes seems to trigger a snowball effect, opening doors to fresh opportunities. In 2021, Rich collaborated with Cherie Healey, a prominent speaker for Google in California. Renowned for her expertise in guiding leaders and teams toward higher impact through various avenues such as Activation Days, Workshops, Speaking engagements, and custom-designed leadership programs, Cherie presented Rich with a complex business model. To meet the challenge, Rich applied UX innovation, simplifying the intricate layers and then infused his unique design style into the website UI. The outcome was a website that exuded a natural flow of energy and genuine human connection—capturing Cherie's vision. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, earning recognition from industry peers with an Honors Awwward and a CSSDA Special Kudos Award.

Evidence of client satisfaction manifested when Cherie, introduced Rich to Ivy Ross of Google California and Susan Magsamen of The Arts + Mindlab in Baltimore. They were seeking an exceptional website design for the launch of their new book ‘Your Brain on Art’. Ivy and Susan held a distinct vision for their website — a virtual embodiment of neuroaesthetics, aiming to provide an immersive browsing experience filled with delightful surprises at every turn. The website garnered significant recognition, receiving eight awards from industry peers. It secured the People’s Choice Award from Creativepool, Site of the Day from CSSDA, along with the Innovation Design Award, UI Design Award, and UX Award. Additionally, it earned an Honors Awwward and a Site of the Day Award from Mindsparkle Magazine. Notably, the website clinched another Site of the Day Award from CSS Winner.

Following this trend, Susan introduced Rich to the International Arts + Mindlab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This collaboration unfolded as a partnership with The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in San Diego, California, for an unprecedented summit in Washington, DC. Rich took the lead in crafting a brand design and website for their groundbreaking sell-out event, named the 'Intentional Spaces Summit.' The website not only received exceptional feedback from panelists, attendees and committee members but also clinched six prestigious awards, including an Honors Awwward, a CSSDA Special Kudos Award, Innovation Design Award, UI Design Award, UX Design Award, and a CSS Winner Star Award.

Rich Brown has secured additional accolades for various projects, notably for an e-commerce store associated with Bathmate. While Bathmate is based in the US, Rich collaborated with the UK team on this one, orchestrating a brand transformation marked by a revitalized tone of voice in language and visuals. He skillfully struck a delicate balance between being approachable and maintaining a level of seriousness, a crucial consideration given the sensitive nature of the topic—erectile dysfunction. Rich delicately addressed their industry nuances, overhauling the UX and UI design resulting in an increase of over 40% conversion rates. The website has won 8 awards to date including four Site of the Day Awards, Innovation Design Award, UI Design Award, and UX Award and Honors Awwward.

Rich Brown is currently engaged in a groundbreaking project with the NeuroArts Blueprint, part of the International Arts + Mindlab. This endeavor is both new and pioneering, representing a first-of-its-kind initiative.

In addition, Rich is in talks with the world's largest online arts community based in L.A. and unreleased drinks brand. Regarding these discussions, Rich mentioned, "Whether something materializes from these discussions or not, it's great to keep engaging and learning about new businesses and offering assistance where I can."

Rich Brown also highlighted the strong rapport he maintains with his clients, expressing a sense of friendship. Despite the constraints on travel he expressed a desire to meet clients in person. He said, ‘I cultivate a genuine sense of friendship with my clients. Despite the constraints of being a new father that limit my ability to travel, the idea of flying over to share a coffee and spend time with all of them is truly appealing. Our interactions are consistently warm, honest, and enjoyable, creating an environment where I always feel welcome to visit’.

Explore Rich Brown's portfolio on his new website—a truly engaging and user-centric experience that has not only garnered three Site of the Day Awards but also earned recognition with an Honors Awwward and a CSSDA Special Kudos Award.

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