Turnkey Cloud Infrastructure Small Business Solutions Deploy In Just 2 Weeks

Jan 18, 2024

Looking for an automation solution for your small business’s cloud platform that won’t take months to build and cost many thousands in payroll expenses? SlickFinch offers SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) world-class cloud infrastructure solutions that are typically only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Fortune-500 DevOps await...

With SlickFinch’s turnkey DevOps and cloud infrastructure solutions, you not only get the best of the best – we’re talking solutions used by giants like Google, Facebook, and Netflix – but you get it for just a fraction of the cost

SlickFinch's fresh cloud solutions give your small business access to the same multi-cloud infrastructure used by Fortune 500 companies. You can deploy its automated infrastructure to the cloud in just two weeks using any of the Big 3 cloud providers.

For more info, head on over to https://slickfinch.com

You'll save on payroll expenses.

When you choose SlickFinch, you'll be getting a turnkey cloud infrastructure solution developed by DevOps engineers with 20-plus years of experience who have created cloud infrastructure for some of the largest corporations, where scalability is critical to operations. By creating a fully automated 'done-for-you' infrastructure solution using Kubernetes on GCP, AWS, or Azure, your small business will be able to afford advanced cloud infrastructure without hiring expensive technology specialists.

Industry research indicates that small to medium businesses using the cloud can grow 26% faster and 21% more profitably than similar companies not using the cloud. Another report demonstrated that small businesses using cloud services can lower costs by up to 20%.

Deployment is fast and easy.

The SlickFinch turnkey automated cloud infrastructure solution is designed for companies like yours that need rapidly scalable cloud infrastructure at an affordable price. You can quickly and easily deploy SlickFinch's custom solutions at a fixed cost starting at $10,000.

By working with SlickFinch, your SME can accelerate its development cycles to meet important client deadlines. SlickFinch provides you with a cost-effective way to get access to experienced Kubernetes and DevOps engineers without the cost of a full-time employee.

No hidden fees.

When you choose SlickFinch's cloud solutions, you won't face any hidden fees, and you'll get fully responsive support. SlickFinch's detailed training and documentation make their turnkey cloud infrastructures extremely user-friendly upon deployment.

Enjoy the latest cloud tech.

These cloud infrastructure solutions use the latest cloud technology, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Terraform, and Kubernetes, combined with a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery/continuous deployment) methodology. If your turnkey cloud solution needs extra customization, SlickFinch can develop a bespoke alternative for you at an additional cost.

About SlickFinch

SlickFinch was founded in 2022 with the aim of Doing DevOps Differently. The SlickFinch team has over 20 years of experience working on IT projects for some of the world’s biggest companies, from global eCommerce sites to major entertainment streaming services.

Get your head out of the clouds and start hitting your business goals with SlickFinch! They'll provide your company with the DevOps solutions you need to quickly and easily harness the power of the cloud and realize your vision.

To get started, check out https://slickfinch.com

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