Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Customers With This Social Media Sales Tool

Sep 23, 2021

To help small businesses get ahead, Oopie Media Group is providing an automated lead conversion tool that boosts organic sales. You’ll be able to increase your leads on auto-pilot using your existing audience.

Transform your social media profiles into powerful sales platforms with Oopie Media Group!

The company’s new service, known as the Lead Engine Express, includes strategies that have been compiled into a blueprint, e-book, and online course. It’s suitable for businesses across a wide variety of industries and can be used by complete beginners to make more sales.

Go to https://www.leadengineexpress.com for more info.

You will now be able to turn social media visitors into customers using an automated process. The system can be used by businesses that are not very active on social media and currently have only a small audience.

It uses a three-step process to capture leads. The first step involves optimizing your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. In step two, you can connect a sales tracking feature to capture traffic and in step three, you may interact with potential customers on your profile to make a sale.

As a result, you will generate more sales without upping your marketing budget or running social media ads. Previous clients have noticed an increase in organic sales, email subscribers, and leads.

You can get access to the system via the company’s website. After enrolling, the blueprint will be delivered in video format. You will have lifetime access to the blueprint and it’s provided with a money-back guarantee.

A spokesperson for the company says, “The Lead Engine Express is an interactive blueprint that shows you how to transform your social media profiles to sell more of your products and services online and grow your business instantly. It works for any type of business and is perfect for beginners and professionals. You can turn your social media profile into a powerful sales funnel that grows your business on auto-pilot.”

About Oopie Media Group

Oopie Media Group creates sales systems that are trusted by entrepreneurs around the world. The company was founded by Lucius Baston who is a lead generation expert and experienced digital marketer. He is passionate about helping small businesses get off the ground and has created a social media blueprint that helps new entrepreneurs automatically generate organic traffic and sales.

Are you ready to turn your social media profiles into automated selling machines?

Go to https://mmini.me/FreeLeadsAndSales if you would like more info on Oopie Media Group and the launch of their social media sales system.

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