Tulsa Real Estate Investment Firm Divests 344-Unit Multifamily Asset At 22% ROI

Jan 15, 2024

Thinking Oklahoma real estate? Think smarter. Vesta Capital (918-271-5111) turns wallflowers like Waterford into moneymakers, crafting investor smiles that shine brighter than Tulsa’s lights.

Imagine turning $23.56 million into a dazzling $32 million. That’s an ROI of 21.8% in just 5 years! Welcome to Vesta Capital's world, where acquired properties are transformed into investment gold mines.

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How Did It Happen?

Waterford's story isn't just about numbers, it's about Vesta Capital's magic touch. The sale of the 344-unit multifamily complex has delivered significant returns to the company’s investors and demonstrated its commitment to creating vibrant communities. Vesta Capital’s comprehensive property management knowledge, applied across 10,000+ units in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, ensures residents enjoy top-notch living experiences and investors maximize the value of their assets.

The founder and CEO of Vesta Realty and Vesta Capital Mark Kulick said: "Waterford wasn't just an investment; it was a labor of love. We poured our hearts into nurturing this community, and watching it flourish has been a personal triumph. From day one, we knew it held immense potential, and seeing it realized is truly humbling."

More Success Stories

The successful sale of Waterford in 2024 and previously the sale of Sycamore Farms in 2023, both of which are over 300-unit apartment complexes, has proven Vesta Capital’s ability to identify, acquire, and optimize high-performing assets, even in difficult economic times, the team says.

By concentrating on multifamily assets in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas, Vesta Capital has developed strong relationships with regional lenders and investors. Building this trusted network has allowed the company to pinpoint lucrative investment opportunities before they become widely available.

Vesta Capital? Who?

Founded as a private entity, Vesta Capital invests in and manages multifamily properties located in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. With a strong emphasis on underwriting standards and market conditions, Vesta purchases properties that can potentially provide maximum returns for investors. The company’s portfolio has grown to over 9,600 units valued at more than $925 million, positioning it as a significant player in its local market.

"Looking ahead, we plan to leverage our financial strength and market knowledge to offer exciting new investment opportunities and further refine our property management practices, ensuring continued success for all stakeholders," said Kulick.

Now is the time to look beyond the coastlines to the heartland, where Vesta Capital cultivates a thriving portfolio of multifamily assets across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. 

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