Tucson Mobile Pet Bathing & Mat Removal: In-Home Service Reduces Animal Stress

May 8, 2024

Take the stress and inconvenience out of traveling to a professional pet groomer. Furry Land Mobile Grooming (520-521-4005) now offers its famous mobile services in the greater Tucson region.

Less Stress For You & Your Furry Companion

Taking your dog or cat to a grooming studio is not only time-consuming, it can also create a large amount of stress for them. Furry Land Mobile Grooming will come to your Tucson home at a time that suits you, and they offer a full-service salon experience.

Go to https://furryland.us/furry-land-mobile-dog-grooming-tucson/ for more information.

The team has experience with a wide variety of breeds, ranging from smaller dogs with short hair to larger pooches with complex coats. The mobile grooming studio is fully equipped to cover any requirement, including mat removal, de-shedding, and even blueberry facials.

Furry Land Mobile Grooming points out that having in-home grooming makes the experience much more enjoyable for your pet. Their service offers the flexibility of mobile grooming, while also incorporating premium capabilities that many others can’t provide.

“We offer professional grooming services in Tucson that go beyond a simple trim or bath,” a company representative explained. “Inside our mobile salon, we have everything we need on hand so that we can perform a grooming service efficiently and safely. We practice fear-free grooming and we tailor each session to fit your fur baby’s specific needs.”

Why Frequent Pet Grooming Is So Important

The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) explains that lack of adequate regular grooming can have serious health effects for both cats and dogs. As an example, the association states that matted hair can lead to skin irritation and infections, and can also conceal fleas or ticks.

Of course, keeping up with regular grooming can be difficult, which is why the Furry Land’s mobile service has become so popular. The firm covers a wide range of needs or requirements, including on-site grooming assessments, brushing, bathing and blow drying, clipping, eye and ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

About Furry Land Mobile Grooming

With over 65 locations across the US, Furry Land Mobile Grooming now operates in almost every state, and new regions are added on a regular basis. The firm only uses the highest quality materials and equipment, and all groomers come with extensive experience and qualifications.

“I’ve been using Furry Land for both of my dogs and I love it,” one client recently stated. “From the get go, my husky never liked going to an in-person dog grooming place, so I needed an alternative. I really appreciate the Furry Land team because they are very communicative regarding time, services, and setting up appointments, which makes everything so easy.”

Give your four-legged friend the care and attention he/she needs without any stress or inconvenience.

Check out https://furryland.us/furry-land-mobile-dog-grooming-tucson/ so you can learn more.

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