Tucson Best Mobile Pet Grooming for Reactive & Senior Dogs: Nail Clipping & Trim

Jul 11, 2024

Give your fur baby a spa treatment without leaving home with Furry Land Tucson! This mobile pet grooming van will come to you, giving your doggo a stress-free experience.

Mobile Groomer in Tucson

Whether you have a dog who hates going to the groomer or you simply don't have time to take them, Furry Land Tucson has the perfect solution for you: a mobile pet grooming van! Now, your dog can get a special spa experience just a few steps outside of your home!        

>>Learn more and book a visit at: https://furryland.us/furry-land-mobile-dog-grooming-tucson/     

The mobile pet grooming van is available to visit any address in the greater Tucson area, offering a real time-saver for you and a relaxing time for your fluffy friend.

Relaxing Experience for Pet and Owner

Furry Land Tucson's staff has long experience working with all common breeds and knows what type of care every dog needs to look and feel good. The private, quiet setting compared to a busy salon keeps both your dog feeling safe, at the same time as the groomers can provide better and more attentive care to both of you.

"All our pet groomers are trained professionals who are nothing short of pet whisperers. We love working with pets, and it keeps a smile on our faces all day long," a company spokesperson said.

The Importance of Regular Grooming

The American Kennel Club has listed 200 different breeds with a large range of characteristics, from the American Staffordshire Terrier to the Yorkshire Terrier. One of the biggest differences a dog owner needs to be aware of in terms of grooming is if their dog has fur or hair. According to the Merryfield Academy, breeds with hair, like Maltese, Shih Tzus, and Havaneses, require more regular grooming as they don't shed as often. Ungroomed dog hair can cause matting, which can lead to painful grooming or, in severe cases, skin infection, maggot infestation, or even amputation due to cut-off blood circulation.

One-On-One Treatments for Both Cats and Dogs

Furry Land Tucson's full-service grooming package includes a bath, coat or fur treatment, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and drying. The grooming treatments are done in fully-equipped vans with heat, AC, and fresh warm water in a sanitary environment.

As the groomer only takes one customer at a time, the dogs are not kept in cages for drip-drying but are dried immediately, ensuring they feel warm and comfortable during their experience. The services are also available for cats.

About Furry Land

Furry Land was founded in 2017 and has, since its beginning in Las Vegas, grown to cater to over 70 locations across the US.

"Committed to excellence, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the welfare of animals, the satisfaction of our clients, and the well-being of our dedicated team," the company spokesperson said.

>>Find more details and schedule an appointment at: https://furryland.us/furry-land-mobile-dog-grooming-tucson/

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