Try this Adaptive Reading App With Integrated Audio Narration to Boost Learning

Jan 4, 2023

Are your young homeschoolers struggling with reading? Improve vocabulary and comprehension with the WholeReader app. Try it for one year free!

Try this Adaptive Reading App With Integrated Audio Narration to Boost Learning

Looking for ways to improve reading skills? Whether you're a student, parent, teacher, or homeschooling tutor, you need WholeReader - the amazing immersive reading app from Firm Foundation Academy.

The latest version improves the functionality and features of WholeReader - the company's state-of-the-art platform that combines training for the eye and the ear with text augmented by human narration. The app is designed to improve vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

When it comes to literacy, don't do things by halves - dive into WholeReader! More details at:

The latest updates promote optimal learning in students of all abilities, providing you with a user-friendly and engaging way to expedite the absorption of new words. The WholeReader app seamlessly integrates vocabulary assessments, tailoring content according to an individual student's needs and academic level rather than assigning reading materials according to age alone.

An experiment conducted by Microsoft in 2018 revealed that students who spent 30 minutes per week engaged in immersive reading made more rapid academic progress, advancing up to a full year ahead of their peers. The rise of e-learning platforms now offers both educators and students access to adaptive technology that improves learning outcomes across all age groups.

WholeReader's library contains many thousands of pages, featuring engaging stories aligned with professionally-delivered narration. The app's reading material caters to a wide age range and a broad spectrum of ability levels, from children's books up to Ivy League standards. You're kept informed of students' progress via daily activity reports, emailed directly to you.

Firm Foundation Academy has built its app around the concept of adaptive leveling. 3 to 4% of the reading material given to students will be words that are new to them, helping to stretch the parameters of their knowledge at a manageable pace.

Other features include a one-tap dictionary function for instant definitions of unfamiliar words, translation pop-ups in your chosen language, and integrated sharing and note-taking tools. WholeReader runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, offering compatibility with laptops, tablets, desktops, and mobile devices.

You can access the app free for 30 days before choosing from a range of subscription packages. These can be paid monthly or annually. A family option gives full access to five members.

A spokesperson says, “Kids naturally have an amazing capacity to absorb vocabulary. By combining ear and eye, they get an immersive reading experience in which comprehension and vocabulary acquisition is optimized.”

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Expand your homeschooling horizons with WholeReader!

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