Try The Best Toronto Child Care Centre For Kids’ Emotional & Cognitive Growth

Sep 22, 2022

Unless you were living under a rock these past few years – if so, good for you! – it’s been difficult. So give your kids – and yourself – a shot in the arm (no, not that kind, again!) and call EYES Child Care (416-901-5434).

Try The Best Toronto Child Care Centre For Kids' Emotional & Cognitive Growth

A child’s mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled – so said Plutarch (more or less!) at the dawn of the first millennium. Perhaps It’s gotten a bit more complicated since then – but only because we make it so. Young children still develop at the same rate, and the same principle should apply!

EYES Child Care, with over 20 branches in the Greater Toronto area, is now focusing on developing kids’ emotional intelligence and values in concert with their social, physical, and cognitive skills.

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The centre, whose daycare programs cater to children from infancy through kindergarten (six years old), is redoubling its efforts to provide children with a safe, caring, and stimulating environment as a springboard for future growth. The insecurities experienced by both you and your children during the past three years have only highlighted the need for safe, nurturing environments where kids can learn to play, socialize and grow together.

Children were isolated from their peers during critical developmental stages due to the pandemic. The lockdowns had a particularly harmful effect on young children – and multiple studies had found an uptick in kids’ emotional disorders even before the Covid outbreak. Lockdowns isolated families, taking away valuable playtime and the cognitive/emotional growth associated with social interactions. Many caregivers like you were overworked and overburdened, making it difficult for them to give infants and toddlers the individualized attention they required. Other commonly reported problems included finding age-appropriate playful activities for young children.

EYES, which was founded in 1999, has developed curricula for each of its centres – for infants, pre-school, toddler, and school-age – that foster creativity and exploration in an atmosphere of respect. Their focus is to help develop your child’s powers of concentration and absorption in a stimulating learning environment that fosters its growth of emotional intelligence and encourages the adoption of sound values and morals.

For example, the EYES Preschool program, which complements the ELECT framework, is designed to help prepare your child for kindergarten and lifelong learning. This program gives your kid the chance to experiment with various classroom activities while getting used to a regular schedule. Since EYES believes that every child is unique, teachers encourage them to grow up at their own speed to be responsible, independent, and engaged.

One parent commented: “We have been coming to this daycare centre for more than 15 months now. My son started in the infant room, where we had absolutely ‘the best’ experience. He’s now in the junior room where he’s learning different skills every day. The staff has been great and they care about the children, not just routinely, but very passionately, truly from the heart.”

You can give them a call at 416-901-5434 to learn more.

Go to to find a centre near you.

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