Trusted Waukesha Estate Sale Experts Offer Home Staging & Decluttering Services

Apr 12, 2024

If one of your loved ones has recently passed and you need a hand selling their belongings, call the estate sale experts at Today’s LifeStyle Solutions (262-424-8059) in Waukesha, WI.

One of the last things you want to have to deal with when you lose a loved one is clearing out all of their belongings from their house. Fortunately, there are companies out there like Today’s LifeStyle Solutions in Waukesha, WI that are eager to assist you! Their estate sale services are designed to help you quickly and efficiently liquidate belongings left behind by recently deceased loved ones.

Go to and let the considerate team at Today’s LifeStyle Solutions ease some of your burdens!

Experienced Organizers

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, around 60,000 people die in the state every year. While most of these people leave wills delineating whom their belongings shall be bequeathed to in the event of their passing, recipients aren't obliged to keep them, and in some cases, courts may even order the sale of the belongings to settle disputes or pay off debts. In these circumstances, companies like Today’s LifeStyle Solutions can help organize the liquidation of the belongings.

“No matter the project, our past clients, including homeowners, realtors, estate attorneys, financial institutions, senior living facilities, and funeral homes, tell us that the services we offer not only helped them achieve the right outcome but did so quickly and affordably,” explained Susan Perry, president of the company.

How Does It Work?

Today’s LifeStyle Solutions will start your estate sale process with an in-home consultation, during which they discuss your situation, assess the belongings for sale, and start planning a liquidation strategy. Once a date has been set for the sale, their experts get to work sorting, pricing, advertising, gathering display materials, cleaning, and staging.

On the day of the estate sale, their team will be on-site to help you set things up, answer questions, address concerns, and manage transactions. At the end of the sale, they'll provide you with all of the proceeds (minus their fee), as well as an inventory of all the items sold. For any items that aren't sold, they'll give you the option to either showcase them at the company's showroom or donate them to charity. Learn more about how the process works by visiting

What Can They Sell?

Almost anything can be sold at an estate sale; however, Today’s LifeStyle Solutions specializes in antiques, collectibles, contemporary and used furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys, tools, appliances, and garden equipment. For items that are outside the scope of their expertise, they do thorough research to ensure you get the best return possible for your belongings.

When Is The Company Available?

Generally, Today’s LifeStyle Solutions is fully booked at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance, so they recommend you get in touch with them as soon as possible. For best results, they typically try to schedule estate sales for weekdays; however, with enough notice, they can make exceptions if you are only available on weekends.

“The team at Today’s LifeStyle Solutions did what we could not have accomplished by ourselves—a well-run estate sale,” said a satisfied client. “They’ve developed a loyal following that came out in droves to shop all of our items. They also cataloged every item they sold and gave us a detailed record at the end of the process. I would highly recommend them.”

Start planning your estate sale today at

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