Trusted Halifax Synthetic Grass Installers: Get Maintenance-Free Artificial Turf

Mar 27, 2024

Looking for a trusted synthetic grass installation company that will provide you with turf you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come? Look no further than The Stone Depot – Nova Scotia’s exclusive Lazy Lawn Dealer.

Have you ever looked out your window and been confronted by your patchy yellow-brown lawn filled with molehills, weeds, and divots staring back at you? If so, perhaps you should consider switching to a synthetic grass lawn from Lazy Lawn! They provide custom synthetic grass applications that don’t require any watering, mowing, fertilizing, or seeding. The grasses are durable, versatile, and safe for children and pets.

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Grass For All Seasons

Lazy Lawn offers four different types of synthetic grass for you to choose from. Their most affordable options—Spring and Natural Fescue—combine dark green blades with yellow thatching to give off the appearance of natural grass. Their premium options—Kentucky Blue Lite and Lemongrass—come in similar colours but differ in that they have more unique blade shapes and lower pile heights.

“When choosing artificial turf for your home or business there are several factors to consider before making your final decision such as budget constraints and your lawn care needs,” explained a spokesperson for Lazy Lawn. “Our experts will provide you with the advice you need to find the best synthetic grass for your particular situation.”

Easy Installation

To install synthetic grass, Lazy Lawn’s technicians start by removing the existing grass and levelling the native soil or substrate. They then put down layers of weed barrier, high-performance bedding, and OptiFill artificial infill. Once these are in place, the synthetic grass pieces are installed on top and fastened together using special glues, nails, and seam tapes.

Serving Many Purposes

As far as what purposes Lazy Lawn’s synthetic grass can serve, the possibilities are numerous. Most customers use the grass for their lawns, landscapes, and terraces; however, it is also a good option for playgrounds and pet areas. Because it is weatherproof, the grass can be used for sports fields, putting greens, lawn bowling squares, and tennis courts as well.

So Many Benefits

In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, Lazy Lawn's synthetic grass is UV-protected, so it will never fade, melt, burn, or warp. It is made with plenty of cushion and forgiveness as well, which is particularly helpful to children and pets who may be running around and playing on it. It's also possible that your property value will go up after installing synthetic grass on it.

“From start to finish our experience with Lazy Lawn was smooth and stress-free,” said a satisfied client. “They provided us with a very reasonable quote, and when work began, their team was efficient, courteous, and friendly. They also took great care as far as the condition they left our property in when they were finished. We highly recommend them.”

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