Trusted Eufaula, OK Mosquito Control Company Offers Best Pest Removal Services

Jul 10, 2022

Yes, West Nile Virus has struck Oklahoma again. If you live in Eufaula or a surrounding district, local contractor Mike’s Pest Control (918-423-2458) can help you take preventative measures.

Trusted Eufaula, OK Mosquito Control Company Offers Best Pest Removal Services

Once again, we’ve been reminded of the dangers that mosquitos pose. Sadly, this time, it was fatal. The modern, odorless chemicals used by this trusted company will not only eliminate mosquitos on contact, but the residual action will stop them coming back.

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Given our location beside a major body of water, Eufaula has ideal conditions for mosquito populations, particularly during the warmer summer months we’re enjoying right now. Mike’s Pest Control has recognized the risk this poses to public health, and their monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatments help to keep your home or business safe.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported the first case of West Nile Virus (WMV) on June 30, which unfortunately resulted in the death of a local resident. The virus is spread via the bite of infected mosquitos, which can also carry Zika virus, Chikungunya, and some forms of encephalitis.

As a result of the most recent case, the department has again stressed how important it is for you to take protective measures, including the use of repellants and insecticides. Mike’s Pest Control has taken note of the most recent announcements, and their pest control measures are designed to provide you with the most effective solution available.

As part of each monthly treatment, the company sprays areas around your home, such as plants and water, that mosquitos are likely to inhabit. In addition, the company can treat areas of your home that may be affected by other insects, such as cockroaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, and ants.

About Mike’s Pest Control

Serving Eufaula and surrounding parts of Southern Oklahoma since 1999, Mike’s Pest Control offers pest control, weed control, and termite control services using advanced and effective chemicals. The contractor’s trained technicians are required to undertake regular training, and the company maintains strict adherence to local laws and regulations.

One local business owner stated: “Mike’s Pest Control always does a wonderful job with any pest problems my company has. The technician that works my properties is very friendly and professional at all times. He is always very prompt on time and goes above and beyond the task at hand just to ensure our pest issues are resolved. I would recommend Mike’s Pest Control to anyone.”

Mosquitos are not just annoying, they are a threat to our safety. Get the latest protective treatments from Mike’s Pest Control.

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