Trezor Model T Touchscreen Hardware Wallet For Secure Crypto & Password Storage

May 15, 2023

While crypto may not be a safe and sound investment, Trezor Model T is. Get yours from The Crypto Merchant – fast free shipping available!

Do you know what's the worst thing about being a crypto investor?

Ok, that's the worst thing!

But the second worst thing has to be the security. As soon as you have lots of money invested in crypto, you start worrying that somehow someone will take it away from you.

If you've been losing sleep over your crypto assets, it's time to invest in the best crypto storage on the market. I'm talking of course about Trezor Model T.

Now, Model One was already top-tier - but Trezor really outdid themselves with Model T. With a brand-new color LCD touchscreen, support for over 1,400 coins and tokens, and the advanced seed phrase security protocol Shamir Backup (SLIP39), Trezor Model T is LITERALLY the most advanced hardware wallet you can find right now. (If you read that in Chris Traeger's voice, we can be friends.)

You can get your Model T wallet from the authorized Trezor retailer The Crypto Merchant - just visit

There are many reasons to choose Model T over pretty much every other wallet out there. For starters, you can store multiple crypto coins and tokens at the same time, and manage all your digital assets through the intuitive Trezor Suite using the 1.54-inch touchscreen. You can also buy and sell crypto securely, with all transactions independently verified directly on the Trezor wallet.

Simply put, Trezor Model T is the bulletproof cold storage hardware wallet you need - it's got all the latest features and security protocols. For example, it has a randomized keypad for secure PIN entry.

For extra privacy (you never know when and why you may need it), you can activate the coinjoin feature for incognito transactions. No one will ever know. Shhh.

But Trezor Model T is not just for your crypto assets - you can use it as your password manager, too. It's much safer than any online password manager, that's for sure. LastPass gets hacked like what? ...every week now? That won't happen with Trezor Model T.

As its predecessor, it's compact and super lightweight so you can carry it around in your pocket - your crypto will never leave your side!

Trezor Model T comes with a magnetic dock, Trezor stickers, two recovery seed cards, and a USB-A to USB-C cable.

When you order yours from The Crypto Merchant, you get the 1-year factory warranty, free two- to four-day shipping, and 30-day returns. And because The Crypto Merchant is the authorized retailer - and not just for Trezor, but Ledger, XSEED, and a bunch of others, too - you know that the device you're getting is verified secure and guaranteed authentic.

Plus, they stock all kinds of crypto security products - from seed phrase backup plates to wallet cases. Check them out at

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