Treat Dry Eyes with Blephex & IPL Therapy: Best Vision Clinic In South Jordan

Jun 26, 2023

Having dry eyes isn’t just uncomfortable; the condition can be dangerous and lead to accidents if you don’t manage it properly. Clear Vision Institute (385-222-2020) can help you deal with this condition with procedures that give you long-lasting results!

Having dry eyes is like walking around with a tiny pebble in your shoe - a nuisance so annoying that it affects your productivity and quality of life in the long run. Don't suffer through it with over-the-counter eye drops that only give you temporary relief. Let Clear Vision Institute find and treat the root cause of your condition!

The clinic offers Blephex and IPL therapy - dry eye treatments that minimize inflammation and restore the normal function of the tear ducts and Meibomian glands, which produce the oil that naturally moisturizes the eyes. With Clear Vision Institute, you get a long-term solution for dry eyes caused by genetic conditions or injury.

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These two medical devices alleviate or treat the root cause of dry eyes - a condition caused by blocked tear ducts or oil glands located along the edge of the eyelids. The procedures are painless, and the results are long-lasting, with patients needing three to four sessions per year, depending on the severity of their condition.

"Dry eyes are a pain to deal with. Uncomfortable, irritable, and scratchy - dry eyes tend to make daily life difficult at best, and rather painful, at worst," said a representative. "The good news is that dry eyes are easily treatable after a proper diagnosis. To make sure your specific cause is understood, an examination will be required to determine which of the many causes is affecting you. At our facility here in South Jordan, Utah, we offer comprehensive care and treatment for those living with dry eyes."

Clear Vision Institute’s optometrists will first assess your condition to see if you can have Blephex as a standalone procedure or if it should be used together with other heat-based treatments or eye drops.

Blephex is a handheld device that uses a medical-grade sponge to remove bacteria, biofilm, and toxins from the eyelids and physically exfoliate the Meibomian glands.

If your dry eye is caused by a skin condition, the institute recommends intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, an FDA-approved treatment for skin lesions caused by inflammatory conditions like eczema and rosacea. IPL therapy uses infrared light applied directly onto the eyelids, loosening up the flaky skin and eliminating blockages.

At Clear Vision Institute, the doctors work closely with you to ensure you understand all the options available, enabling you to make conscious decisions about your health. When creating your treatment plan, everything is taken into consideration, including your lifestyle and schedule, to ensure higher adherence and better long-term results. Schedule a consultation today and see what they can do so you can finally live without the discomfort of dry eyes!

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