Treat Dry Eyes In Marietta: Relieve Itching, Soreness & Prevent Vision Loss

Oct 6, 2022

If you suspect that you have dry eyes – you may want to visit optometrist Mital Patel, OD of Classic Vision Care (770-499-2020) in Marietta for a thorough eye exam and treatment.

Treat Dry Eyes In Marietta: Relieve Itching, Soreness & Prevent Vision Loss

Dry eyes, like other ocular health issues, can be uncomfortable. They can cause eye soreness, fatigue, and visual disturbance that interferes with your quality of life.

The team at Classic Vision Care now offers a wide range of remedies for your dry eye problem. The optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams and early intervention that helps relieve your symptoms and prevent permanent vision loss.

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Alongside the service above, Classic Vision Care stocks an expansive selection of quality contact lenses and designer glasses as well as offers an array of vision correction services, such as LASIK laser eye surgery, to restore your ocular health.

Dry eye disease, as the eye center explained, occurs when you don’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes due to age, lifestyle, medication, health condition, or environmental factors.

You may experience a constant dry, burning, watery, or itchy eyes, as well as other discomfort like grainy feelings in the eyes and blurry vision. If not treated, the condition can cause corneal scratches and abrasion, an ocular issue that could lead to irreversible vision impairment.

Classic Vision Care offers personalized solutions that may include artificial tears, prescription eye drops, or special ointments to boost your tear production and relieve your discomfort.

The optometrists may also recommend lifestyle changes, like encouraging you to drink more water and controlling exposure to irritants as part of the treatment.

While dry eye disease is not curable at the moment, the eye condition is manageable. With early diagnosis, the optometrists can treat the underlying cause of the condition, reversing its progression.

About Classic Vision Care

The full-service optometry center is led by board-certified optometrist Mital Patel, OD and has three locations in Marietta and Kennesaw, Georgia.

“I’m impressed with the staff and the level of care they showed. They took the time to listen to my issues and made sure all of my questions were answered. The exam was thorough, and I have not gotten a prescription lens this good in a very long time,” a satisfied patient said. “You know how you pick up your new glasses and still feel like your vision could be crisper? Didn’t happen here. They made sure my prescription was accurate during the exam. Highly recommend.”

Dry eyes can’t stop you from living your best life – get the care you need right now to ease your discomfort, improve vision, and enhance your ocular health.

Visit now to learn more.

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