Travel Packages for University Students: Group Booking For Summer Vacation

Mar 29, 2024

Travel is beneficial for college students, experts say, but many need to use summer hours they could spend exploring instead working to cover lodging and other expenses. Travorium, a new travel booking platform, offers resort packages, excursions, and more at travel agent rates.

Summer break is just a few weeks away for many college students. As you start preparing for exams, your mind wanders to the exotic possibilities of spending your vacation... tossing pizzas... at your hometown diner...

Many education experts say university students are better served broadening their horizons traveling during the holiday rather than working low-skill summer jobs. It takes money to travel, and lots of it. But it doesn't have to. Could Travorium make travel affordable for you?

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A Different Kind of Education

Travel is known to be extremely beneficial for post-secondary students, experts say. Visiting and studying abroad is universally known to increase self-awareness and stretch critical thinking skills, according to recent data published in U.S. News & World Report.

Around 90 percent of students surveyed who studied abroad said their experiences increased their tolerance, adaptability, self-awareness, and work ethic, according to U.S. News & World Report. The longer they stayed abroad, the greater the perceived benefit. Still, even short trips can be life-changing - and expensive.

"Tuition" Is Just as Pricey

Traditional holiday costs from well-known travel sites are often inflated to increase their bottom lines, making them impossible for students to afford. But Travorium, an obscure travel site, cuts unnecessary fees and other extra costs to offer resort accommodations, excursions, rental vehicles, cruises, and more at travel agency rates. Some members pay up to 70 percent off retail prices.

Travorium offers resort packages at more than 2,000 destinations, including Bali; Florence, Italy; Malaga; Spain, and Costa Rica. Forbes recently named several of these spots among the best places for students to visit.

Removing Traditional Barriers

Limited time, money, or both, prevent most college students and other adults from traveling, a Travorium representative said. The low rates and income options the company offers its members can help with both of these obstacles.

"It seems most people today are starved of one or both of these resources,” a company representative said. “Most people who visit popular travel retail sites have no idea how much they are overpaying."

Travorium’s revolutionary platform lets members earn income to support travel or lifestyle from anywhere using their mobile devices. Its direct referral design drives your prices down even further by earning points as your network grows, while simultaneously earning you daily, weekly, and monthly passive income that continually compounds.

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