Travel Agency Rate Booking Platform Offers Fast Price Comparison To Save On Fees

Feb 14, 2024

Travorium is helping your money to take you further when you travel. Enjoy luxury travel at budget prices and make more savings the more you book!

Your family can see the world with Travorium. The cat is out of the bag with this formerly secret booking engine and families across the US are now traveling for a fraction of the cost.

Discover the secret to huge travel discounts at

Enjoy Five-Star Travel at Two-Star Prices

Travorium was founded with a desire to help members take four and five-star vacations on a two-star budget, and with their price comparison tool, they are making it easier for you to pick the right vacation for your family and avoid any unnecessary additional fees. 

Now that Travorium has grown to be an internationally popular rival to names like Expedia and, they are improving their useability and functionality and offering you both better booking tools and better travel opportunities.

Benefit From Price Comparisons & Easy Bookings

With their price comparison feature, they can help you immediately see how far your money can take you and what packages suiting both your travel style and travel bucket list are available.

The team of world travelers behind Travorium has seen that because online booking has, in effect, become reduced to a duopoly of the two biggest players, this has artificially inflated the cost of accommodation worldwide by reducing competition. Therefore, Travorium invites you to enjoy transparent price comparisons and travel agency rates on accommodation, tours, activities, and more, worldwide. 

Save Big With Travel Agent Rates

Travorium said, “Our secret travel booking platform is the engine that powers your ability to book at travel agent rates - allowing you to save up to 70% off normal rates on hotels, cruises, resorts, rental cars, activities, and excursions, and more.” 

If you’re a budget-conscious traveler, you will also appreciate that, as Travorium is a membership-only booking platform, you will obtain rewards both the more you travel with the site and the more people you recommend the site to.  

It is this peer-to-peer model that has allowed families to accumulate discounts and benefit from rates as low as $148 for a seven-day stay for a family of four in a four-star, all-inclusive resort in Cancun. That’s right, just $148 total cost for a whole family for seven days in paradise.

See The World With Travorium

As Travorium grows, they continue to partner with more resorts and hotels worldwide, and with more travel providers. If you become a member, you will be able to book trips at travel agent rates in popular destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Spain.

Before you book your next trip, see how far your money will get you with Travorium, at

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