Trapped Mobile Can Now Setup The Most Amazing Escape Room Anywhere In Philadelphia

Nov 25, 2016

Philadelphia escape room operators Trapped Mobile stretched the boundaries of escape the room challenges by taking their customized Philly room escape adventure completely mobile. Within 60 minutes, the company can set up the game, complete with video cameras and puzzles for house parties, corporate training, or family events anywhere in the city.

  • trapped mobile can now setup the most amazing escape room anywhere in philadelph
  • trapped mobile can now setup the most amazing escape room anywhere in philadelph
  • trapped mobile can now setup the most amazing escape room anywhere in philadelph

Trapped Mobile, a Philadelphia entertainment company and events organizer specializing in private escape room events announced the launch of its mobile escape room service. Aimed at individuals and businesses who own space for the game, the company provides and administers themed a Philly room escape adventure experience.

More information about Trapped Mobile and the escape room challenge is available at

Since its meteoric rise in popularity in late 2000s, escape room challenges have grown to be one of the most sought-after gaming challenges. They combine the classic whodunit-style puzzle solving with the ultra-realism of a themed set. These sets usually have a camera crew to record a team's progress and clues to help participants solve the puzzles.

A typical escape room challenge places a group of individuals in a locked room that contains clues that must be solved. The objective of these close is to then secure a means of escape within a stipulated time limit. In many cases, escape room challenges are provided at a single location.

Trapped Mobile expands the scope and diversity of this entertaining and interactive challenge by transforming any suitable location into a themed escape room. The company requires thirty to sixty minutes to transform each room based on one of nine themes. Some unique Trapped themes include The Da Vinci Code, The Twilight Zone, Room 409, and Paranormal Activity.

The Trapped experience combines elements of mystery, adventure, and an intermediate to expert skill difficulty. Trapped Mobile also offers a unique play-through experience in various locations such as homes, catering halls, and offices. The challenge can also be administered in a tournament format with the top two teams racing against the clock to be the one that completes all puzzles and secures its escape faster than the other.

According to spokesperson for Trapped Mobile, "We offer a distinct escape room experience that is completely portable and can be set up and operated at almost any location. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most amazing escape room Philadelphia has to offer even in the familiarity of their own home. This challenges the participants' body and mind while promoting team spirit to work against the clock."

Headquartered in Philadelphia and offering escape room challenge services across the city, Trapped Mobile specializes in translating books, popular television shows, and game plots into intricate and engaging room escape challenges

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