Transformational Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification For Emotional Wellness

Apr 4, 2024

SLIP Resilience Coaching (310-941-1513) is now online, and excited to offer emotional resilience training to residents of Newport Beach, CA who want to become transformational resilience coaches.

SLIP™ Resilience Coaches use science backed gamma  powered protocols to facilitate transformative somatic sessions within a trauma-informed framework. They foster safe spaces for clients to heal deep emotional and core belief wounds. Unlike talk based  approaches, our coaches focus on experiential empowerment, breaking barriers from generational trauma. 

The SLIP™ Resilience Coach Training is an 8 month journey of expansion into your purpose as you become a masterful guide helping others achieve their fullest potential. Increasing resilience is the perfect solution for anyone who’s tried everything from medication, talk therapy, mindset work or meditation, only to find those methods don’t work deeply enough to achieve the sustainable change they desire.

Somatic and resilience building methods are among the hottest trends in emotional wellness and are supported by recent studies from both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychiatric Association. Our graduates will be uniquely positioned to claim a stake in the $17 billion global health coaching industry while enjoying the satisfaction of self-mastery and self-realization.

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Having developed and administered the cutting edge SLIP™ Resilience Coaching methodology in Hermosa Beach, the founder of the technique is offering her proprietary methods to wellness practitioners, holistic healers, coaches, and therapists for the first time. Coaches will be certified in the technique and licensed to access ongoing training,  referrals,  and business growth tools to build a successful business while doing what they love. 

You can access more insights into their treatment methodologies at:

Mignon Walker, MD, the founder of SLIP™ Resilience Coaching, a trained medical professional and Stanford University School of Medicine graduate, said,  “Traditional talk-based therapies, coping strategies, and mindfulness techniques rely heavily on language, which can hinder emotional healing. Not only are some intense emotions beyond words, but the main problems with traumatic memories are the subconscious survival reflexes triggered when recalling them. Words and coping strategies can't override survival based responses like muscle tension, and heart rate and breathing changes triggered by intense memories. 

In contrast, somatic coaching dives deeper into the mind, focusing on nonverbal survival reactions at the heart of the trauma experience, rather than just the description of past events. Somatic processing cuts through numbness and confusion, untangling your emotions, memories and body sensations. By working beyond language and unlocking deep inner wisdom, somatic coaching resets your innate ability to heal and thrive. The result is a more comprehensive approach to emotional well-being and sustainable results." 

What will coaches be able to do with SLIP™ Resilience Coach Training?

You will be able to:

  • Facilitate transformational resilience building sessions in a trauma  informed way
  • Resolve your own blocks to achieving your full potential as you learn to harness powerful gamma induced peak flow states
  • Use the SLIP™ Resilience Coaching technique developed by Mignon Walker, MD to guide your clients through naturally rebooting their nervous systems and achieving deep emotional and core belief-wound healing to unlock their infinite potential
  • Facilitate online resilience building sessions for clients working with or without prescription home ketamine

Conventional coaching has its limitations. If you want to learn to facilitate truly transformational sessions and step into your own infinite potential, the SLIP™ Resilience Coach training is the perfect launching pad. 

Visit to learn more and reserve your space.

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