Transform Capital Gains Tax Into Charitable Donations With San Antonio Business Law Expert Montgomery & Associates

Nov 6, 2017

A new business tax report has been launched by Montgomery & Associates, helping clients to transform capital gains tax bills into charity. James Montgomery prides himself on his high quality service and can help with all business law services.

Montgomery & Associates, the San Antonio business lawyer, has launched a new report on transforming a capital gains tax bill into a gift to charity. It comes after a recent physician sold his business to another physician for $1.5 million and was able to utilize a charitable LLC structure to pass the tax bill to a charity and eliminate the capital gains tax.

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The tax savings provided the capital to be able to purchase indexed universal life insurance to fund death benefit for the physician as well as the substantial gift to charity.

In the new report, readers can discover how they can transform their capital gains tax bill into a gift to their favorite charity. It shows them how to transform 99% of their capital gain, with bulletproof asset protection.

When using this method, business owners still have control and use of funds, and they get an initial charitable deduction on the amount of the sale. The charity gets a gift it never expected, and money they wouldn’t have received without this strategy.

James Montgomery explains that businesses choose to work with him because he guides them through the ways they can solve their problems and systematize their business in a relationship of respect, integrity and creativity.

The San Antonia business law expert prides himself on getting to know each of his clients, so that he can focus on what matters to them. By working on what matters most to the client and their family, he can help them to realize their dreams.

In addition to helping clients with minimizing their tax liability, he can help with every facet of the business law arena. This includes buying a business, looking for an exit strategy, and selling a business for the best price.

Full details can be found on the URL above, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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