Traditional African Clothing & Fabrics In Tucker GA By Supplier Of Ethnic Prints

Apr 14, 2024

Tess World Designs (404-600-2924) in Tucker, GA is your trusted supplier of African print garments in the country. They take pride in their extensive collection that showcases cultures from all over the continent.

Traditional African Clothing & Fabrics In Tucker GA By Supplier Of Ethnic Prints

How often do you get to live out your childhood dreams? For this woman, not only has she pursued a passion she has loved since childhood, but she has grown a company to be one of the most trusted names in traditional African print garments in the country.

For Theresa (Tess) Akabua of Tess World Designs, every day is national culture day with her authentic and handmade African garments. Having sewn her own clothes since she can remember, Tess has always loved sewing for herself and her family, and sharing her designs with other people. She now celebrates a milestone in her career – ten years since starting her company – by adding more African print fabrics, African weaving, and handwoven mud cloths to her collection. 

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The updated collection combines modern styles with traditional African patterns to produce eye-catching garments and fabrics that can be worn by stylish ladies and gents of all ages. From African head wraps to handwoven Kente sashes or stoles, you are spoilt for choice.

Tess explains that her goal is to bring African culture for global appreciation. She clarifies that fashion is meant to be a form of expression – one that envelopes you rather than inhibits. This can be seen in all her clothing, whether it’s brightly colored cloth from Ghana or the subtle colored mud cloths from Mali. Tess World Design features a wide selection of fabrics from all around the continent, offered at competitive prices.

The key to the company’s success, Tess notes, is its wide variety of authentic products from parts of Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo, Mali, and the persistence of her customers who let her know what they want. Her African heritage allows her to educate buyers on the specific culture and the history of the products they are looking at. To find out how the African fabric is made, watch a video here:

In line with the new collection, Tess says that there will be a 15% storewide sale for a limited time. Both men's and women's clothing is available.

Theresa writes, "I began Tess World Designs out of my home, sewing bags and selling African fabric first, as a hobby then later had a shop and now we are online on various platforms that anyone can visit and find the most beautiful, best quality fabrics and accessories from parts of Africa. It started with an inventory of just eight pieces of fabric, as a hobby, with no business plan. Now we’re selling thousands around the world."

Celebrate life with clothes that celebrate you! No other culture in the world features brightly colored patterns such as Africa. Go to so you can learn more.

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