Tourmaline & Ruby Briolette Necklace With Freshwater Pearls Is Statement Piece

May 10, 2023

Amasor Jewelry has 2023’s most beautiful gemstone handmade jewelry designs. They have styles that go with everything and that you’ll want to wear every day.

For jewelry that brings joy, Amasor Jewelry has the most beautiful collection of handmade gemstone jewelry for you.

The jewelers have become well known for their high-quality handcrafted pieces and the unique gemstones they source to create their jewelry. With each unique piece Amasor Jewelry believes that each piece can tell a story, capturing both the history and energy of each stone for you. This spring, they are proud to tell you that they are working with and taking inspiration from rubies, carnelian, amethyst and the like.

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Highlighting the rubies in their collection, Amasor relays that these ancient stones have been in demand since medieval times and their deep rich color has long had connotations of both wealth and passion. While doing justice to their long history, Amasor Jewelry also knows that rubies are particularly on-trend in 2023, with Vogue and Elle magazines both naming ruby jewelry as a trend that is shining this year.

As such, in Amasor’s ruby collection, they have selected high-quality natural stones and placed them in settings that are both bold and contemporary yet elegant and timeless, and that you’re sure to love.

One popular piece you can purchase from their collection is the Tourmaline and Ruby Necklace. This carefully handmade piece balances the polychromatic hues of its coin-shaped tourmaline beads with a bold central ruby briolette stone. Accented with a gold-filled chain and freshwater pearls, Amasor Jewelry believes this is a statement piece that you’ll want to wear on special occasions.

In bracelets, the jeweler has pieces like their Sterling Silver Bracelet with a Heart, Ruby and Pearl. They recommend this unique version of a classic charm bracelet to you for its versatile and fashionable design.

At one time in history, pink and red tourmaline were thought to be rubies, their similarities in appearance are so strong that the stones in the Russian crown jewels believed to be rubies for centuries, are now thought to be tourmalines. Amasor Jewelry recommends their Shades of Pink Tourmaline Bracelet, which features raw polished stones. Even deeper colored red stones are garnets as featured in their Silver Yemenite Necklace with Garnets and the Garnet and Gold Necklace.

Amasor Jewelry is based in Los Angeles, and at no cost to you they will ship your new handmade piece to your door.

One happy shopper said of the handmade jewelry boutique, “I’ve been a long-time customer of Amasor Jewelry. I’ve purchased numerous pieces for myself and as gifts. Whether they are gifts or my own, Amasor’s creations generate so many compliments because they are unique and always elegant. Their pieces are my favorites in my collection. It is obvious that Amasor Jewelry puts so much creativity and detail in the craftsmanship of each piece.”

Whether your jewelry style is elegant, ethnic, or everyday, there is a handmade ruby piece for you at Amasor Jewelry.

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