Total Life Changes now has two Regional Directors in Guyana

Dec 30, 2022

Guyanese Entrepreneur Theo “The TLC Guy” Alleyne defies the odds to become a Regional Director at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes now has two Regional Directors in Guyana

Theo Alleyne has achieved the rank of Regional Director with Total Life Changes. Theo restarted his journey in network marketing after more than a decade away from the industry. He got involved in the business to support his wife and began noticing the positive impact the products were having on the customers.

Theo found his passion in empowering and supporting others by activating his coaching skills and prior training. He also realized that he could help make a difference in creating new leaders and helping others to believe in themselves, and shift the direction of their health and wellness.

“My insertion into and alignment with up-line in Total Life Change is strictly a matter of Intelligent Design. The quality of leadership that exists here, the passion and desire to have a positive impact on lines, and to educate team members how to succeed beyond industry statistics is unparalleled. In all matters, the focus is on helping everyone have a personal transformation, bringing our bodies back into alignment, through personal growth, leadership and of course earning income. Here at Team Shaw, I was able to find a place where servant leadership is prioritized, and helping others succeed goes far beyond great speeches and motivational words, and to the practical investment of time and energy to help the down-line succeed, in this peculiar company,” Theo said.

The Caribbean and South American leader is grateful for his achievement, and recognizes that reaching this milestone is a tangible demonstration of teamwork and helping others, because achieving this rank is impossible without helping one or more team members achieve his prior rank. This is a true demonstration of the power of our community and helping others succeed. The organization that he leads is predominantly made up of young entrepreneurs with no industry experience, and they are attracting other youths to explore the opportunity with the company, to overcome employment challenges in their local community.

Over the last five years, Theo and his wife Lexann have been focused on empowering entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and South America to step out of their comfort zone to achieve more. With Total Life Changes, they have the ability to have a greater opportunity to positively change lives in developing nations. Together, they have the distinction of being the first couple in the English Speaking Caribbean to achieve the rank of Regional Director in their individual businesses. The couple is leveraging their business and consulting experience and knowledge, to help grow new networking and direct selling leaders regionally and globally.

Mr. Alleyne stated, “Decades ago when I was involved in network marketing and failed, I didn’t do the work I am doing now, and my leaders did the best they could based on what they knew. Today, I am taking smart risks to help my team succeed, and I have the support of leaders and a company focused on not doing what is easy, but what is right. We focus on wholistic training, mentorship, and give attention and a helping hand to all distributors in our ecosystem. My mindset about this Industry, and what is truly possible is a because of my leaders, Ambassador Phillip Birchfield, Global Directors Daryl and Angela Jackson, and National Director, Stefanie Block.”

As evidence of his commitment to growing new leaders, Theo pointed to the 11 other promotions in his team this week from the rank of Apprentice to Rising Star, to colleagues from Guyana, Dominica, St. Vincent, and the Cayman Islands.

Theo and Lexann accepted and embraced the principles of lifting others up from their first month in the business, as they demonstrated over and over again that helping their team achieve success is the true purpose of network marketing, which is the Team Shaw Caribbean way.

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