Toronto Family Lawyer: Prenups & Postnup Agreements Strengthen Marital Relations

Dec 12, 2023

Don’t let anyone tell you differently – prenups and postnups are indicative of strong, healthy marriages! Read this Ivan Steele Law guide to learn how marriage contracts deepen and strengthen relationships.

Marriage contracts don’t indicate a divide between couples… in fact, they celebrate differences and individuality! These aspects are crucial when it comes to a healthy relationship - and Ivan Steele Law is here to explain the power of prenups and postnups.

The firm has released a guide outlining the lasting benefits that such agreements can offer couples beyond financial matters. Ivan Steele Law describes prenups and postnups as conducive to a healthy marriage built on greater trust.

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Research increasingly points to the importance of communication when it comes to avoiding marital strife and fostering a harmonious relationship. Ivan Steele Law’s guide specifically refers to the American Psychological Association’s findings on the positive correlation between communication and overall satisfaction between couples.

Known as marriage contracts in Ontario, prenups and postnups play a vital role as signifiers of communication. After all, before you and your partner can make such arrangements, you first need to clarify your respective financial positions and goals. Being clear about such matters can serve to stop future disputes on the sensitive subject of money.

Ivan Steele Law emphasizes the unfair reputation these arrangements tend to have in some corners of modern society. According to the firm: “Far from being unromantic, these agreements offer a host of emotional benefits that strengthen the bond between partners.” It adds that rather than representing a lack of commitment, prenups and postnups demonstrate precisely the opposite.

How? Well, look at the paired establishment of respect and fairness they encourage, even in a union. With the shared understanding that each of you still needs to maintain your self-identity, you can both retain control of your personal assets without negative implications. 

Ivan Steele Law refers to the foundation that pre and postnup agreements can help to lay for the future as well as the present. While no married couples initially see themselves eventually separating, you have to at least consider the possibility. By making secure declarations about the division and management of your assets from the start, you can refer to the agreed terms later to facilitate more cordial divorce proceedings… if it comes to that.

With an extensive background practicing family law, the Ivan Steele Law firm cites its ongoing readiness to assist in the preparation of your prenuptial and postnuptial arrangements in Toronto. Defined by a focus on providing practical legal solutions, its services in this matter are in alignment with the values of fairness and trust evoked by its guide.

“Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not just legal documents,” says the firm. “They are tools for building a stronger, more transparent, and emotionally secure relationship. By addressing potential issues before they arise, these agreements allow couples to focus on the most important aspect of their union: each other.”

A truly powerful and poignant partnership comes from being prepared. That’s what Ivan Steele Law can help you do.

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