Top Tolleson Cooling Technicians Replace Broken Air Conditioners With York Units

Jul 9, 2024

Air conditioning replacement isn’t a service you should be constantly booking. With Clark Heating and Cooling, once is enough.. for decades to come. Call +1-602-793-2477 in Tolleson!

It’s hard to know what’s around the corner, but wouldn’t it be good if you could at least count on reliable cooling? Stop planning for another AC malfunction and set your mind at ease with a quality replacement. How? By reaching out to Clark Heating and Cooling in Tolleson.

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Yes, Clark Heating and Cooling is here to help you upgrade your older air conditioners. While they specialize in installing York equipment, they’re certified to set up units from all major brands.

Why York?

Clark Heating and Cooling trusts this brand for its reliability and warranty coverage. Its parts are also widely accessible, making it easier for the team to repair or tune up your system with locally sourced components. No question, York is a great choice when it comes to replacement air conditioners. What do you think?

Here’s something that’s not up for debate… 

Maintaining living spaces at comfortable temperatures is essential in the searingly hot Arizona summer, and air conditioners must operate at optimum efficiency in the hottest hours of the day. When their performance begins to suffer due to wear or poor maintenance, full replacements are often more cost-effective than repairs. That’s where Clark Heating and Cooling comes in.

Moreover, an improper installation procedure can often be blamed for inefficient system output. Clark Heating and Cooling remedies this by following manufacturer best practices during installation and maintenance.

“Our installers know how important a quality installation is,” said a Clark Heating and Cooling representative. “Motors will run inefficiently with too high a static pressure - and comfort in the house will go down due to short cycling of the thermostat, causing high humidity. Sealing all duct connections is crucial, too.”

Clark Heating and Cooling uses a proven troubleshooting process that addresses common issues related to improper brazing, incorrect blower speeds, refrigerant leaks, and more. Whether they're replacing older systems or installing units in new areas of your home, the team seeks to ensure optimum AC performance.

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You’ll find their technicians throughout the Metro Phoenix area, performing repair and maintenance work on residential air conditioners. They’ll then turn their attention to heating solutions in time for the colder months, so you’re covered year-round!

“My new system is the same as my old system - except a York product,” said one recent customer. “It took two technicians eight hours to remove the previous equipment, install the new equipment, adjust the controls, and clean the site. They were very professional and surprisingly robust in the horrible heat. Everything but the house-mounted control wires and refrigerant lines was replaced.”

For replacements that beat the previous model, there’s only one name you need to know…York ACs installed by Clark Heating & Cooling.

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